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Center he got project by tracy mcgrady in it no big deal then watson uh what back to israel jobs saturday and sunday and finished off the field to win for the third time at riviera and he broke down after he won and admitted that he serious firstly considered hanging up the golf spikes and not playing anymore so bob watson nice job celebrity game way did not take yourself to seriously and the way to go seal the deal get your first win on the pga tour and a couple of years by the way you can start stop tweeting at me i got it when you take a picture out of the game dozen kind of the mound with six through got it yet boosted yeah i mean i got it the respond to everybody a got it thank you wiped away five in this segment the do their respond to them so the ad discovered everybody thank you all phenomenal on boat to see man you a chelsea at old trafford on sunday i am all in to give this a shot my son brent garrett loves the premier league loves soccer the big type stuff and we're going and so i'm going to give this of polls shot to see if i can really enjoy this sport i'm excited to be there i think it's a cruel venue adding it's phenomenon and you need more than two players one in your name one ball pod part but margaret all right we'll give you pod wayne rooney nope nope boys robertson now that's right he left that's right you didn't know man i guess who i am i think i'm going to get a chance to meet that would be the bill ballot check of epo sir alex ferguson how are you going to meet him he's got a little who nuri about that don't don't you worry sza he's going to come back we're in a man you our absolute soul adversary who paid on advocate yup shot an absolute aid sure the credit card is room on the balanced but that's true i sean i had the threepoint shooting contest i thought it.

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