A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


A uh let me translate what lebron is trying to convince everybody up he's trying to convince the world that he's now better than michael jeffrey jordan because he is compiling more longevity stats than michael was able to compile so let's put this in some perspective here lebron has now played forty three thousand five hundred minutes allotted minute fifteen years on me so michael in his prime through his chicago years played about thirty six thousand minutes so so it's it's like a difference of let's just call at seventy five hundred minutes more that lebron is played will clearly in that many minutes seven thousand five hundred more nba minutes you're going to get to thirty thousand points and because you are the best passer basketball pretty easy to get two eight thousand misses and because you're six nine to sixty it's pretty easy you should get two eight thousand rebounds 'cause you were born to get two eight thousand rebounds so am i impressed by this no does it mean you're better than michael jordan six in all in the nba finals no but l abroad is trying to mislead all the blind witnesses into believing oh look at those numbers their longevity numbers and i'll give you this is michael is lebron james in much better shape in his fifteen th year than mike was in his fifty th there's no question he is as durable an athlete as i've ever seen in any sport i've never seen anything like it i'm gonna knock on wood designed to even talk about it because i don't wish injury on any body but he is sincere nationally durable and that's another reason why he's played so many minutes in that piled up so many numbers and i'll give you all that but that doesn't make you better than joy in favour ask you know what he saw normal gesture.

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