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This is daniel fidel. And you're listening to the financial services podcast. There are a lot of potential use cases for a financial services. Let me see if you can tell what these three habit common. The first is a conversational interface. The second is the summer ization of call center. Data calls from our customer support operations and the third is documents search and discovery. But they all have in. Common is reliance on natural language processing applying. Nlp can happen in all different dark corners of banking and financial services. And this interview we speak with lucas scaglia. Rini luca is with expert system expert system for those of you who are enterprise customers here with emerge. You're aware of expert system from our ai. In banking opportunity landscape anybody who's ads access to that data as part of their work with us here to merge will be aware of the various products of experts system one of the over one hundred companies covered in that research and a big part of what they do. Lucas speaks to us about. Serve the differences between machine learning and other. Ai approaches and some of the practical considerations for applying natural language processing inefficiential services context. When is it the right move. When is it the wrong move. And what are some of the things that companies often get wrong. They could do better to have more success with their..

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