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And that the following article of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate. The former president is accused of inciting an insurrection after his supporters Storm the U. S Capitol building earlier this month. A Senate trial is expected to start the week of February. 8th. The Chicago area is expected to see its largest snowfall in two years. The snows expected to continue into Tuesday, but it's significant amounts expected before midnight. W GM meteorologist Mitrice Ivory spoke to Chicago's afternoon news. Yes, it will. You know, tonight, all in all we expect between three and five inches of snow, but I think we're going to be looking at the three on the ground. Uh and pretty good fashion before many of us go to bed tonight, Chicago streets and Sanitation Deputy Commissioner Cold Stahler is asking for patients. They have 280 spreaders hitting the streets. He says High winds and lake effect snow could make managing the storm a little bit challenging. It happened to us the other night. We were looking real good. At nine o'clock the other evening. It was great. And by 9 30, the whole city was covered so With snow so it can happen and with Lake effect as we've been talking about, you know it's there, So we have to deal with that. Also comment is opened its emergency operation Senator prepare for any power outages. The city says Corona virus vaccination and testing sites will have a delayed opening until noon tomorrow. All cancelations can be found on our website at WGN radio dot com. Chicago Teachers Union tweeting its gratitude to President Biden today after his comments about the ongoing standoff between Chicago public schools and the CTU. The union wants to continue remote learning, but the district has plans to have students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Return to class on February. 1st see to you, President Jesse Sharkey says. The union has been crying out for help. We have a new president from the five days five days And so if we understand there's going to be helped coming in the form of tests in the former vaccines in the form of funds that we need to help get our schools running. Let's take into account the existence of that help bargain order toe in order to create the agreements programs to trust that we need to make school start right and then proceed. During a press briefing today, Biden was asked whether he supported CPS teachers, he said the teachers he knows one of work, but they want to do it as safely as possible. Moderna is confident it's Corona virus vaccine will be effective against new variants of the virus. But the company says research shows it doesn't provide the immune system with a strong of a response, as it does against earlier strains of the virus. That may mean a booster shot will be required in the future. The Illinois Department of Public Health Reporting this evening eight more cases of the new U K variant. Have been has been found in Chicago and Cook County, taking the total of cases now to nine. Janet Yellen is the first woman to be U. S. Treasury Secretary Yellin was easily confirmed by the Senate in a bipartisan vote. The ayes are 84. The nays are 15 and the confirmation is confirmed. 74 year old was also the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve. Former President Trump decided not to nominate yelling for a second term, he tapped Jerome Pal who remains at the helm of the Fed Federal Reserve. The concern over Carjackings across the Chicago Land area continues, Alderman Brendan Riley tells WGN's Anna development is this is the problem impacting all people in all areas all over the city of Chicago, South side West Side North side. Downtown who have strong beliefs, and I think they're right that our criminal justice system is failing on this issue that's spiraling completely and totally out of control. There have been over 165 Carjacking so far this year. WGN Sports. Here's Kevin Powell like Walk forward, Alex to bring Kit and defenseman and a book was placed on the NHL's cove in 19 Protocol is they won't be able to play until they're cleared. Hawks coming off back to back victories over the Red Wings Tonight, Blackhawks Live airs with Chris Boden and Nick is money they'll get going in about 30 minutes bowls of 13 of four. They're coming off a loss to the Lakers. They hostess Celtics tonight, but Wednesday's match up against the Grizzlies postpone because Memphis doesn't have the Required eight players available. Do do covert protocols in the MBA. It's the Grizzlies fit straight game that's been moved his bull's head coach, Billy Donovan, in the possibility of teams, not playing a full season, reschedule some of these games. I think they'd like to try to do that to make his fair is possible to try to get you know it's close to 72 as you possibly can, but mean you make a really good point, you know? You're gonna have probably a little bit of imbalanced, you know? Number of games scheduled. Winning percentage is all those things. So it's kind of what we signed up for MBA up to 20 and postponements this season, and it's Tom Brady and the Bucks against Patrick, the homes and the cheese for Super Bowl 55. They made a week from Sunday Kansas City, opening up his three point favorites. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN Sports and now Tom's Skillings forecast from the Perma CIA Weather Center. A winter storm warning in effect through five o'clock tomorrow. Lakeshore Flood Advisory in effect through noon tonight Snowy, windy gusts of 35 Miles an hour likely, Ah, wintry mix south, including freezing drizzle late 3 to 5 inches likely by morning. I 80 and north that include Chicago with amounts tapering off quickly. South alot of 30 Tomorrow, Snow continues tapering to occasional light snow flurries inland by afternoon continuing at night. Mixed precipitation, including freezing drizzle South several additional inches possible. It'll be windy with a high of 32 Wednesday cloudy, continuing lake effect snow showers near like Michigan, blustery, colder with some flurries elsewhere. Ah, high of 26 your money on w G. M. The Dow closed down 36 points today. NASDAQ Up 92 the S and P 500 up 13 points. Gold Down today. Oil up 50 cents at $52.77 The vics that the CBO we up one and a quarter point I'm Kim Gordon on Chicago's very own. 7 20 w G. N Different future starts with you. That's why go, Daddy does more to help you find a name. You can create cell and get found online, so any small business could drive change or build an empire..

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