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All just take a moment to reflect on. I'll be playing the clip at this point. I'm pretty sure I could buy it for all of its. Copyright died off two years ago so frame by frame. Did you watch that scene? Yeah I probably pause that inject off if I had to be honest with myself not recently. I don't have a DVD player anymore. But I watched it a lot. I remember the Inter titles. Probably remember it. Now it's dom to dead at this point for memories to the podcast now. Let's get into it all right. So this is dead pool by Brad. Davis by Davis. Yeah I pick the movie with my name in the title associate. Begin the Nikkei exterior dark alley a group of criminals around an armored truck opening the door to reveal a bunch of teddy bears. The ripped the heads off of one bear or multiple bears. That's TYPO and put pour out packages of cocaine. The one criminal gestures to another load up their truck as they pass boxes over the here too loud crash on the roof of the truck. They look up to see dead pool. Hate joads mine of I hop in on this circle jerk I got a nut. Oh Teddy bears. They point their guns at him. He nonchalantly drops down to the ground. Dame's bats shake. The name is pool. Deadpool your ass as our grass ended. Deadpool pretends to check his watch. Oh four twenty. Deadpool presses play on a boombox which blurs the theme to Martin. He pulls out a gun and shoots the gang leader in the face. Blood splatters everywhere. Damn Gina Deadpool kicks another gang member in the face catches his gun and shoots him in the skull. Sorry not sorry holding. His body takes a Selfie with the remains of the skull. Pausing shoot another gang member in the Dick Gang. Looks down at his bloody crotch mccracken. He likes going peanuts. Drops the ground causing him to scream. Unintelligibly then grabs the severed Dick and holds it to his mouth area like Groucho Marx. I'm sorry I didn't get that. I don't speak DIKLA FAGGOT. Deadpool credentials give a blow job as these rush by the other members of the gang. He reveals a Catanha and cuts. Everyone's head off winning. Deadpool looks at carnage and dabs pulls out a flip phone honey. Can you pull the car around? Deadpool breaks the Fourth Wall and looks at the camera. Oh I didn't see standing there. My name is deadpool. I'm sort of a magnum cum bad ass or summa cum ghetto superstar. Oh who am I kidding? I just like saying come. Here's a story. I was dying but I got an offer if I took part in shady experiment for some Super Smart in Super Evil Douche Nozzles. I would become immortal so I did it. And then I became a superhero. No Ankle Ben. No kryptonite nothing. That would make me interesting. I prefer being self aware prick. Deadpool begins to do basketball tricks with a severed head as the Harlem globetrotter whistle. Plays the best thing about being immortal. I can break the fourth wall. Eight a coup feel exact Morris except. I still haven't had the chance to show Kelly capacity my oath face L. L. Office space. Does I can beat up bad guys without worrying. I'M GONNA die those being able to think of funny things to say like open bullet wounds style or Obama's fault before I kill somebody. I think Tony Stark say something cooler than that. I'm aware of Tony Stark. And the third best thing about being mortal sum forty one's fat lip Blair's the muscle car pulls up driven by ties with a few Bikini Babes in the back seat. You can stay in college as long as you want. Deadpool walks up to the window. Degree Tas is Indian. Best friend who speaks with a thick accent and dresses. Like a nerd. Hey ties you little pimp locking legs swapping Chutney with these hotties Hon dopey deadpool. They'll be like thank you come again. Thank you come again. You toss has a bit more of a thick accent can we? Can we take that again? Yeah tells you little pimp logging leg swapping Chutney with these hotties tonight? Hon Dopey Deadpool. They'll be like thank. You come again thank you come again. I'll say Taj is actually thicker accident They're they're Pooh. Nannies will be speaking Punjabi soldier. Boy Tellem deadpool turns to camera. What am I met He was a nerdy exchange soon. Then never let lose now. He's a nerdy exchange shoot. That's drowning in muff. I've never been so proud Hey Tonight's party will be lit. Have you finished? Your Superhero duties duties. Oh pitches we have some kegs. Pickup deadpool's about to hop in the car then stops grabs a teddy bear and rips open the head revealing the cocaine he dabs. I'm with COCO. Hey you might stop by Walgreens House. I was thinking of thinking of making shish kebabs aware of Wolverine Deadpool. Hops in the car is at speeds off leaving a trail of smoke in cocaine in the wind. Interior Dean's office. The Dean is pacing back and forth. His aides stands by nervously thunder strikes. He's throwing a party alert. The authorities to cast the aid.

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