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Ted was drinking on the night of the accident however ever all of these unanswered questions still don't address one of the key questions in this incident. How much was Ted Kennedy to blame for what happened so let's take a second and assume that the official story is as Ted told it he got turned around on the road crashed. The car thought he was is doing everything he could save Mary Jo but was so shocked by the crash that he wasn't thinking straight. His inaction almost becomes palatable eligible. If you accept that all these things are true assuming that he was correct in thinking Mary Jo Really did perish just minutes after the car hit the water our last theory examines the actual death of Mary Jo Kopechne -I the confirmed cause of death and the question Stian of how long she may have survived in the car after Ted abandoned her recall. The generally known facts of the crash Ted Kennedy was driving. Mary Joe was in the passenger seat. He was tearing down the unpaved. Unlit Dyke Road at around twenty miles an hour when he spotted the end of the road marked by dike hike bridge in the pond beyond Ted couldn't hit the brakes fast enough and the car crashed over the edge of the drop off and hit the water it turned over whereas it submerged landing on its roof at the foot of the pond ten feet below the surface. Ted was able to get free from the car and swim to the surface he claimed to have swum back down to the car a number of times to try and free Mary Jo but he was disoriented from the shock of the crash and the water was pitch black so he couldn't see her well enough to help by the time. Tan decided to leave the scene in return to the cottage. Several minutes had passed. He assume that too much time had passed since the car sunk below the surface and that there was no way that Mary Jo could still be alive. She must have drowned wound. This conclusion also makes up for part of Ted's justification for not telling more people about the crash until the next morning with the darkness of the night and the cold water he worried that if he started to tell the other party guests it might prompt a wider rescue attempt and even more people could've gotten hurt the claim that he was protecting the other women at the party from sharing Mary. Jo's fate doesn't really hold up at all. It doesn't especially especially given the fact that Ted passed a firehouse on his way back to the cottage and could have roused trained rescue professionals easily but the extent end of Ted's negligence became more complicated after the car with Mary Jo Kopechne as bodies still inside was retrieved the next morning on the morning of July nineteenth while head was mulling over his options at his hotel a fisherman and his son spotted the car on the bottom of the the pond fire and rescue or summoned to examine and recover the car at approximately eight forty five in the morning John Farrar captain. The fire rescue unit arrived with scuba gear. He swam down to the car and found Mary. Jo's body inside. He removed her from the vehicle and carried her back to the shore. The subsequent investigation published the position. Mary Jo's body was in when she was found. Donald Mills tells the medical examiner who performed the autopsy to Claire Drowning as the cause of death. This would be in line with the story that Ted Kennedy told but there were dissenters in John Farrar is account. He describes Mary Jo's body.

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