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That the tools are available for everyone and we want our employees want our teachers in detroit we have eleven the city i think that bill the starter sitting duggan announced the plan that includes those who worked for the tried public schools charter schools and private schools the bidding begins of a thousand dollars on the program was opened a full and part time school employees log on to building detroit dot org troy police are on the lookout for a suspect who flashed a gun at a woman while driving on i 75 our medal and rome has that story a woman tells police he was followed for miles on northbound 75 by an angry driver driving a black severly cruz who ended up pointing a gun at her the incident happened tuesday afternoon she says the drivers started flipping her offer no apparent reason then he drove away according to oakland county sheriff mike bouchard the number of people reporting cases of road rate in detroit is increasing our mental andhra wjr news a detroit man who had been wanted by police now has his troubles doubled as we here in this report from wjr's gene fogel police had been searching for nineteen year old joke komen since march on an outstanding warned for on armed robbery he was spotted and arrested on june fifth how ever while being taken to the detroit detention center he broke free of his restraint and fled from the six precinct he was spotted a month later and arrested again this time he didn't get away is due in court today for a preliminary exam on the charge of fleeing police he still has yana armed robbery charge to deal with gene gene fogel wjr news the thirtieth anniversary of the movie dirty dancing is being celebrated near the former catskills resort that inspired the film corresponded micrometres reports the hurley bill arts center as having a dirty dancing theme saturday the events included fashion show set the nineteen 87 film soundtrack a talk by former resort dance instructor j corner and a screening of the movie itself the famous catskills hotel served as the inspiration for a screenplay about a girl nicknamed 'baby who spent the summer of 1963 f upstate resort balls in love with dance instructor johnny castle unlike cliamed us karen spranger they makombe county clerk is under investigation to see if she really lives in a.

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