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<SpeakerChange> <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> I can't help but <Speech_Music_Female> thinking talking <Advertisement> about <Speech_Music_Female> Tokyo things <Speech_Music_Female> life <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> he has <Speech_Music_Female> sort of always <Advertisement> been an <Speech_Music_Female> underdog here right <Speech_Female> and I <Advertisement> was thinking <Speech_Female> of Jack Lead in in two <Speech_Female> thousand eleven <Speech_Music_Female> <hes> <Speech_Female> his numbers also <Speech_Female> started out around thirteen <Speech_Female> percents or not very <Speech_Female> different from the MVP <Speech_Female> is now <Speech_Female> and so <Speech_Female> this the idea <Speech_Female> that he's accustomed <Speech_Female> to being an underdog. <Speech_Female> We've got about <Speech_Female> a month ago. Do <Speech_Female> Do you think that <Speech_Female> that could be an advantage <Speech_Female> here or <Speech_Female> do you have the <Speech_Female> sense that it might <Speech_Female> be too late. Deepest time <Speech_Female> around <SpeakerChange> I think <Speech_Female> he revels in being an <Speech_Female> underdog. I <Speech_Female> think he <SpeakerChange> knows what <Speech_Female> it's like his whole <Speech_Female> life to <Speech_Female> be in that position <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> if you look at <Speech_Female> when <music> since <Speech_Female> he election started <Speech_Female> the liberals <Speech_Female> and the Conservatives <Speech_Female> have spent a lot <Speech_Female> of time attacking <Speech_Female> each other Justin <Speech_Female> Trudeau Andrew share <Speech_Female> often <SpeakerChange> playing the <Speech_Female> political game <Speech_Female> this this is really <Speech_Female> allowed saying <Speech_Female> to focus <Speech_Female> on his policies <Speech_Female> so he's <Speech_Female> out there trying <Speech_Female> to get people <Speech_Female> to know what he <Speech_Female> stands for get to know <Speech_Female> him better <SpeakerChange> so <Speech_Male> many people go through <Speech_Male> so much. <Speech_Male> They need someone to <Speech_Male> stand up for them <Speech_Male> and I hope I can do that <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Female> of course is <Speech_Female> a lot of work <Speech_Female> to do <hes> <Speech_Female> the MVP vp <Speech_Female> are pulled tracker shows <Speech_Music_Female> still a very <Speech_Music_Female> distant third <Speech_Music_Female> but <Advertisement> he never <Speech_Female> appears discouraged by <Speech_Music_Female> this <Advertisement> and you're <Speech_Music_Female> saying well <Speech_Music_Female> Hannah. Thank <Advertisement> you so much <Speech_Music_Female> for this. This was such an <Speech_Music_Female> interesting Kerr <Advertisement> sation. <Speech_Music_Female> I learned a lot. You're quite <Speech_Music_Female> welcome <SpeakerChange> <Advertisement>

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