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Keep from you on the news and we're going to try to get carsick and the People's movie critic and and everybody else participate we're just going to kind of do the best we can and I have a feeling that as able to help the most important thing is so glad. You're with US bobbing. Get the free Bob and Sheri APP and get the odd cast the podcast and fund size instantly. Here's Bob and Sheri will. I was very sorry to see that. We lost Kenny Rogers. Just a day or two ago was he was an interesting guy you know. He had a very unique career. A lot of folks don't realize but he did start in country music he started. Pop Music with I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in and then yeah and then he did ruby. Don't take your love to town. And everybody's still thought that he was kind of a pop singer and he jumped in with both feet and Became this country. Legend probably best known for that song the Gambler more than anything else and then continued having a wonderful relationship professionally and personally Dolly Parton. And then of course his magnificent chicken restaurant chain which was Coast to coast for a little while so we miss him and that right there. What did you say Max I said and around the world to yeah? That's right and even on the Seinfeld show. They did a a really funny bit with Kenny Rogers. Moving in next door to Kramer you have something to play for us today. Right bars put this together. This Kenny Rogers tribute trying to do sounds say whatever you would like to say every woman would like to hear your in shining.

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