Pittsburgh, James Washington, Anthony Mcfarland discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin


Joe go forty two and a half point over under seven point favorites for cleveland. Is you mentioned. This tells you. Vegas stinks and the books thing that pittsburgh is going to be resting at starters. Maybe pittsburgh decides hey. We finally got going in that second. Half against indianapolis. We locked up this division title. We've not seen any tangible difference between the number two in the number three seed. We're going to try to bottle up that momentum and ed into the playoffs healthy for dfs. Keep an eye on this. You can maybe get some low ownership. Low price plays at receiver with somebody. Like james washington or railway macleod. In the backfield. Maybe the rookie anthony mcfarland. They can't run the football anyway. But a james conner. Benny snell might be resting here. i wouldn't be terribly enthused. Play mason rudolph if he ends up playing most of this game at quarterback but those are some of the guys that you can look at for low price. I wouldn't expect these guys to carry your lineup but might give you the opportunity to put in some of the higher price skies. Maybe from the nfc playoff picture. Where you know a new orleans and green bay and seattle all battling it out for the number one seed. Get some of those higher price guys in your lineup..

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