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McDonald's, I'm loving it. Let's go to the other issue with Doctor Fauci amongst many, many others, and that's the release recently of emails that he saw that he read that he received concerning the origins of the SARS two COVID-19. The Wuhan theory, one of those emails stated that there is a less than 2% chance of this being a natural evolution of the original SARS virus. Have you come to any conclusions based upon the data you've seen regarding whether or not this was a function of some tinkering in the Wuhan, biodefense lab, which is part of the PLA the people's liberation army that this is not a naturally occurring variation. What is the state of the art when it comes to the evidence on the origins of COVID-19, doctor Malone? So mister gorka, I am now firmly of the belief that this virus was engineered in the Wuhan lab with funding from Tony Fauci that was I firmly believe that the documents disclosed by the major who was basically a fly on the wall at darpa through project veritas are authentic. And they document they've filled in the blank that I always had about how this could possibly have happened. Essentially what was done, the best term I can use as a Rube Goldberg experiment in which they believed that this is dazza and company eco health alliance could engineer a vaccine a live attenuated vaccine to make it so that it's less likely that the bats would evolve a highly infectious SARS like virus in the first thing they did is they adapted the SARS to being much more infectious in humans, this includes the fear in cleavage site and then they had intended to further modify it so that it would be highly infectious in bats and could be aerosol administered into bat caves in China. This is crazy. And to their great credit, darpa, who you know is highly tolerant of risk that's built into their DNA. Decided that this was far too risky, the risks were uncontrolled. They hadn't been properly mitigated. And they refused to fund it. And there's so much data here. Let me just see if I'm understanding correctly. The gain of function or the making the original virus more infectious in the bat population, the logic there was what, to create a version that would spiral through and burn out quicker and therefore not be more dangerous or what was the end state. So the goal was to vaccinate bats so that they would be less likely to evolve a human infectious coronavirus. Got it. Got it. Okay. Got it. So you're right. You have to do backflips. This is like a scheme that a child would come up with. That's why I say Rube Goldberg for those of us that are old enough to remember that humorist. But the logic is highly contrived, highly risky and yes, it explicitly is gain of function research. I know you're shocked to hear that Doctor Fauci lied yet again. But there it is. All right. All right, we have to talk about the datasets available at RW Malone, MD dot com, but first, let me ask.

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