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The average draw down over the last sixty seven years was minus thirteen and a half percent and i might have read this subst got a freak out but i don't i really i was lying to you by was fibbing i don't lie i was pulling your leg a little bit because i don't really care the reason i don't care is because i have been studying this stuff for forty the years focusing on strategy is solves all the problems it solves all of the problems and i don't want to sound like a broken record here but i think i will but first i sound like a broken record let me read from peter lazarus off how to make sure you're ready for a market downturn on this starts to make a little more sense to me because now we've got to prepare we have to prepare mentally and physically what are you going to do with your money if anything but you have to be prepared mentally because remember this is a mental game as much as it is an investing game and if you cannot manage your behavior you will lose out and we have learned that over the years dow bars done this study every year for the past 30 years and they take a look at what investors have done and they've taken a look at what the market is done and i know there's been some debates over you know their techniques and they're arguing over whether or not it's that the numbers are real but jesuits this pretend that they are okay the the average investor earned like three and a half percent of the last 20 or 30 years the markets done eight nine ten percent how can that be well it's simple the average investor as emotions and the market doesn't and when the investor acts upon those emotions and it's almost humanly impossible not to we're does not wired that way when the market starts to go down you know 10 20 thirty percent we think it's going down to zero within would lose all of our money we forget the fact that you just bought come anthony this is your business that's what so great about buffet y'all he's so richie can by so much of a business that he is wired and he's on the board he knows the board members' these talk and the the.

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