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'cause y'all were screaming and I was like, no, I thought we were so less screaming this time. I feel like we're, we're also screaming because the girls out, I mean. I mean, it's hard to not be screaming at Aligarh show 'cause there's so much going on. We probably have to do live shows where they're not around tables with each other, like a feeder or like an audience situation is is much more. I don't know. It's like they're not going to talk shudder as much. Right, right. Yeah, they need to be and then we will be screaming. Yeah, but it's really hard because you're in the energy of the room and so for us to come and just talk like we're talking right now, it would be so boring. So why I feel like I don't want to. I want to. I don't want to record these live shows like I wish that we didn't have to air them have those moments with those people and it'd be like special amongst us and Vaughn. That's a great idea. More incentive to come to the shows. You know, we're not talking about even like juicier stuff's proper or hand. Girls can definitely be proved because people will film it on their phones. That's true. But that's okay. But not as much proof. Yeah. All right. Well, we've. I'm up with an interesting option. Yeah, I let us know your people would you rather have not scream, but then it not air, or would you rather have a scream because we have to, but I will. Okay. I want to say another thing, Sheila lovey, mom, hope you're not listening, but I know you are. She gave me the nicest comment. She was like, wow, you lady girls, really, you really coordinated your outfits. Well, yeah. And this is amazing. We do this is I think our biggest talent and it has happened since the very first day that we did something, but when we went to that Lakers game. Yeah. And we all just showed it matching like white and tan and never talked about it, and then we'll be able to go back to the Lakers. Now, the LeBron is. With the Lakers I wouldn't be able to because now it's like impossible to get tickets because no, probably not. Yeah, but norm has those seats on the owner podcast one though, on our podcast one and we're like, I mean, Caitlyn who were does definitely the stars bypassed one Rolla. Rola. I've never heard of it before. I feel like anyways, if you're listening, I would love to sit courtside at another Lakers game. Yeah, I think we should go to celebrate, you know, life show or something. They just thought it was so cute that you were like, oh, I'm going to wear this gene thing. And then I picked a red polka-dot thing. You could have picked like blue floral, but you didn't know you were going to pick some floral dress, but however came through the polka dots, the network for our TV show, they don't want us to be the aiding. They want us all to have individual style. So here's the thing we can have individual style and kind of match. Yeah, but don't you think we already have individual style? Yes, for sure. You guys are wearing crop tops. I'm nowhere you have a stye could go further with mine. I think you should. I think you should get like Oltra fashion. Yeah, like hair. I'm not going there. Don't go there. No, I think you like you're going to like ultimate puffy shirt like puffy. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna have high next. I'm gonna look like going, really, poof sleep? Yeah. And do you think I shouldn't brace my like here? I actually did have an idea I wanted to run by. I'll run it by the whole eighty gay. Okay. So you know how Antony on queer eye is always wearing a rock and roll shirt and now also crop tops. Yes, that's true. So it's more than should I just wear rock and roll shirts on the show because that's what I feel most comfortable say every day, but I think it could be your thing to him. You wear what's the deal with legality of wearing a rock-n-roll shell logo situation. Can you do it on net flicks on queer eye? He's always wearing like van Halen, whatever..

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