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So for me when I was coming in track and field at the time you could make money. Okay. So once you're done with college or if you run, you know, you know unattached you do that for fun because you love the sport cuz you could not make money at the time. You just started making money until I think the late eighties but we have to also think about what's our next level. Okay, and so for me sociology, was it because that helped me understand myself groups of people my community, but I tripped over and fell into it. And plus thinking about you know, what's my next step because Athletics it's just not going to be that you have to teach young people to talk about those things because some of them get hurt and they're devastated and when they get devastated they shut down, you know my tell, you know, an athlete get hurt and he is no longer able to get back to the status of that. He was physically mentally and emotionally terrorism down. Okay. So being an athlete is fine and great. But what's your next step if you don't make it into that so that's why we have to push education rather is either going to college. It's going to a trade school, you know, you know some type of motivation and we have to talk to young people about doing that. Otherwise, we're setting them up to fail. And so if they don't have a passion like like Kevin Kevin has a passes he took a passion he wants to motivate he has that so he found that for him, but what about all of those who not sure of quite do for me when I was in school. I don't know what I want to do. I had no passion on anything other than hanging out so, you know to help them transition from high school to being a productive citizen to go on a college or even trying to go into the major league. This is one of those things that they need to do. They can have their dream to try to obtain their dream, but they also need to be able to have the know all to say, how do I reschedule? Virtual company, how do I research the money that I want to do? I want to be an Entertainer. You know, how do I research to do on that? Because what we found a lot of them research is talking to the boy next door or you know, or somebody who said that they've been in the program they've been doing that. So my research is saying I'm going to do what he did. He did it. He didn't have to do it. You know, one of the things that someone had always said that we hear every year. We'll Bill Gates see him. He didn't go to college. She didn't graduate, you know, we say but one of the things that he done he kept in his industry. She kept learning he took all the classes and drained so I've been an it for forty years, you know, and I work now I work for the state and you know James and I met a Hewlett-Packard, you know, but now I work at the stage as an analyst, but I'm still using that to Mentor young man, you know from a mentor to young man from sex States and some other young man's in your early on. How do you age Spots with the police. How do you respond to somebody in the interview? You know interviewing skills. Those are the court. Those are some of the Court things that they're going to need as an athlete because if you don't be interviewed gotta know how to speak, you know have to stop saying, you know, you feel me those two type of thing, you know? Yeah, I believe I believe what you're saying you teach them skills those life skills. They need to be in the community and whatnot. But I want to I want to comment on something. You said that I thought was it kind of struck me. We do need to invest in our intellectual our own individual actual property went by educating ourselves. Like you said by learning to trade or skill. I don't I hate the imagery that we have that we have in our communities. Sometimes it's very it's sometimes it's very negative and it's not very influential but I do believe this is black people in the generationals. We need to start to invest in our own intellectual intellectual property goes off. To say that I think that a lot of these young kids they want to be entertainers or musicians rappers or whatever. You want to call it. You know, they're this new generation Travis Porter post. I think that they are saying you know what I'm not going to give up my content as easily as maybe the SW v's and off the TLC back in the day this new generation is saying hey I can do this myself. I don't really need the bag from you per say now as opposed to back in the day. It was if you got a re-contract. I'm agree with you 1% Yeah. Yeah and how they got messed over. No one ever really explained that game from the late 80s 2222 2013. No one explained the game then when Travis Porter came out. It was like Hey, we're going to do our own thing and our time is now and we're not waiting for anybody argue with you for Thursday. We did at first but you right now the new generation is learning. No, no, no. No, they did do it first but the thing is they never shared that information with anybody. They just did it for the money. And and when they did it for themselves, they got the bag, but it was never that was never passed down to say ownership ownership owner of best. They can imagine. Yeah exactly. That's good. So but I'm thinking I'm even thinking more so cuz you're right it has transfer transcended in the music industry and learning that trade but I don't think it's transgender this as a whole even in even in athletics Sports. We still have professional athletes that go into the league and they come out they're coming out broke, you know with the bad financial management, but that's their fault though because in all honesty anybody that made in the professional level there's classes..

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