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What's going on he chats? He says, I've, I've listened to mixer do forever. I like that you're engaging this way. Those I created this quiz, people answer seven questions and then they and then they get to send the response to the the result of the quiz to their friends to show their friends, how smart they are in that situation, sending more messages more than more than once a week obviously makes more sense. People are looking for more quizzed looking for more things to share. I've seen the same thing happened with bible quotes. People create bible of the day messages. People create joke of the day in those cases. Daily, even more than daily make sense. But for the most part, you want to ease off and that's one way to not be annoying. Love it. Well, I'm dying to find out that you started off with some really super crazy hooks on you're dealing with chats. I gotta find out yet, tell us what did stuff you're doing. It's totally off the wall chat wise. So I want to show you something that it's not what I'm doing, but. So the reason I know about this is invested in a company called assist and let me see if I can show you what we did there. These guys were one of the first companies to do chat bots. Share my screen. Here is my phone. Can you see my phone here? You can actually put put it on, do not disturb so that I don't accident and get my wife's messages communicates. Everyone knows what's he's going to send out. So I want you to see what Sephora what they did for Sephora because I think Sephora is doing something really interesting. So let me bring up Sephora. Now, this goes beyond marketing. This is an insight into where the future's going, and you can see on Sephora. When I start out, they dragged me real quick. Those people aren't to at Sephora just if they're guy forest. Oh, Sephora makeup to beauty brand. So do makeovers. They'll sell you make up so on. And so you can see that I can shop different looks. I can Boca makeover with them. I could share feedback. I could chat with a live person all within the chat bot right. I just hit the start over button by accident, but here we're going to try on different. Looks. So let's suppose I like this winged liner and read lip. Let's try it on. Now my camera comes up immediately. That's a great color on you, Andrew, and notice how I'm going to keep on moving and it will stay there. That's brenick, right. Let's try different. Look. See my my eyes. Your lips are on that you're there. You go. That was a more natural look. You see, my lips are there you go. You're right. That's the natural settled. Okay. Now, let's suppose that this is something that I like. I might want to share this with a friend so I could take pictures of this. I can do all kinds of stuff with this. Let's try. Let's go for this. Look stays there. I can choose who I send this to, and now I could pick from all of my friends in here or I could add a few others or I could send it to my story for the day and share it with the world. This is really powerful. This is the future. Now watch when I come back. I can actually start buying this. They showed me what I tried on so that I can buy. Okay. For most businesses, this is a little intense. We don't have to do things to that degree. We just need to say the world is switching to chat. We need to anticipate it and be there, and I know you guys are there, and so we have to think about not replacing Amelia, but if we're communicating with people be Email, how do we also add chat? How we also incorporate chat the apps? Absolutely. They love and we need to think that in the future it's going to be more than Email. It's not going to be a reproduction of Email. It's going to allow us to do cool things like this. So imagine if you have someone in your audience who sells a couch to be able to bring up the camera right there in Facebook messenger, see the room and add the couch in augmented reality in the room. That's not the future. It's here. I'm just saying for most people, it doesn't make sense for most businesses for most users..

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