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For a redo with a better outcome. But life is about to give you Bob Lacey. A chance for a redo with a better outcome. Not not in all aspects. I'm going back to Roger Williams College all last night, a longtime ago, we had a listener who had birds and she named him Bob and Sheri, and the Sherry bird, literally packed the Bob bird to death. And that was a sad outcome for Bob and his feelings were hurt. He was very crushed by that. I was always surprised that Bob didn't peck himself to death being so, so close in the case he didn't have the opportunity to Sherry Burgess was such a bully and just packed Bob to death. So Ashley joins us right now. And here's your second chance, Bob. Here's your moment of redemption. Ashley for you. Oh Ashley, you named a bird after me. Hi, yes, I have two parakeets, and we named them Bob. And Sheri, both of us, that's great. Thank you. We had a few different options thinking of maybe like Lucy, and Ricky or so Lewis chewy or friend of mine suggested bird Reynolds. But when I thought of Bob and Sheri, my husband Koda Hughes, like oh, that's perfect. We have to we have shared till Cody. Thank you. What color is Bob? Is he blew? Sherry is actually blue. Bob, he's mostly white. And I thought he was really kind of fancy looking out fiery. That's that was my alarm to wake up. Oh, no. No. So, so the Bob Berg is mostly white fancy. Yeah. So we thought he's really fancy looking and no thought it was it. He looked like a Bob 'cause we thought he's kind of like looking 'cause he's like fancy. You know, I was fancy. He has a different like hair or something. Keys actually, when we got him because we just got him from a pet store. And so they have listed under you know, like blue parakeets are white parakeet, and the white ones are actually listed under the fancy parakeet. Let's fine. This is great news for you. This is Bob bird, healthy, and is the Sherry bird being nice. Yes. Actually Bob is a little like I've noticed, he's very like dominate when it comes to food, and I didn't know this until after I'd already named them, but it's pretty funny like he will like nudge. Sherry out of the way to get to the food bowl. I feel for him. Spurt is experiencing my life, so he's mostly whitey's fans and he's trying to eat focus and he's trying to eat that food focus. He's tried to eat. Yeah. When I put like one of those, there's like these, these stick things are like treats their lights not it's been hunting staff mob, is really like territorial about is nuts. I love those in real life. Did you get them like a toy or little mirror to preen because don't they enjoy that. Yeah. They have a lot of toys, and they have a year, and they do spend most of their time sitting perched front of the near both of them, they're bonding to each other. It does put why sit down. I've never had a parakeet. Do they sing do they were like what, what kind of what is there? What do they make noises of any kind yet they do chirp? I've only had for a little over. So they're still pretty quiet as they're getting used to their strandings. I think they'll get louder as they as they get to know my family, and they'll, they'll start talking more. They can imitate noises to like I'm trying to teach with like that. We've been working on that. How's that coming along? Not good so far. They'll, they'll get there. They'll get there. Yeah. Anything so while I think so how long assuming that? Bob doesn't get pecked to death again a long parakeets live, like how what is the average lifespan? I don't know what the average is. But this is my six my six birds that I've had and a similar to long life. Yeah. Live like up to ten or fifteen ten to fifteen years, so I was hoping for more hoping for more for Bobby though, with the Bob and Sheri birds, the more hostile the managerial environment is the more likely they are to hold stuff to stick, stick around just I. I, I have two toddlers, so it could be a little hostile for sure. We're used to periodically go over to the cage and say. I think you need a cage.

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