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Position he was in a new orleans but that doesn't always translate to your next position general manager you right things done and i love pets but says is it going they were lucky sad you know he's had a ten when season happen that often end he's he is perfect for northwestern three times in six seasons the these one ten games which is an verte unheard of in the cats of one 'backtoback bowls which they've never done before he's not leaving northwestern although that would be somebody they'll attempt to him idled i don't think that bouty for be considered but now he he alerts sent the nor lie his history off that well that hall there's no up in arlon particles your hometown nfl football team that's got every pretense of guy with thing and he is he is dialed in at northwestern feeling care if he left northwestern that would be almost like john fox it would something fox were due you're you're not summon up yet chip in glenview what's up chip paid guy guy are two things first of all aired nineteen six nine team played on was way better than this team and they had a better quarterback injecting can and then in that brings me this point ryan pays must be fired tomorrow too and i'll tell you why trubisky not bad but this guy was taken with the second pick he has not been a difference maker i don't care who's coach coaching him the shawn watson it's the difference maker yup yup uh you look at the money he handed out to glenwood we've talked about that if you evaluated mike glennon as a starter in the nfl in a guy that's going to lead your team till the young guy gets ready bad there's something wrong there you look at it you guys talked by it's almost like you pre pace might call all these draft picks none of indifference makers one or two or pretty good howard and cohen you might have got lucky there i mean eddie goldman the bomb i'm sorry all these guys you brought in here and drafted the center uh grass to a bomb you've got bomb after bum after bombs and you're gonna bring that guy backup on the on the uh press conference tomorrow and say how he's firing john box and that they're going to move forward and ryan pace the guy you're.

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