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That a man can't be the can't compartmentalize something that is really of flawed a flaw in his character and then uh the we know knocked flawed elsewhere in his life that trade is a pretty big important character trait i will believe the left is serious about this when they say okay yes roy more but you know what we need to reexamine and that guys that guy's a predator too and we didn't say that but we should now we may be aware yes woah upward people kogo who a creditor org left for i think that it's kind of unknown factor discord um through acquaintance predatory behaviour has has a history long um and it's kinda like public knowledge now i think that if you look at the the left uh the weight if they win after hobby wife say look at the way that they let harvey weinstein hang for his crimes is kind of hutu me that this was not a party some situation it's been written about us somewhat believe on cnncom right after the harvey once he still we broke where um is uh ed i really am not good at telling names right now who wrote this article but it is there how hobby weinstein's fall in hollywood leftists by the way yeah uh wh guys to do let's not being willing to just be a hypocrites that when we see predation on any front we have to go forward including mr life and mean by the way you know there's a lot of evidence toward what happened with harvey to be i don't think it's the as much of a partisan as you know as it is yeah that one's a little over that one's really overwhelm me like yeah like do waivers rate yeah yeah the bond lowered right riley make any movies head of even have thai degrees and that's only did so theo i i've i've gotta run and i i'm sorry i because i enjoy our conversations but i think we can find the common ground here that no matter which side it is uh we have to be consistent and say this is more important than politics would you agree with that don't code looking good for human issue thank you very much appreciated theo ej wilson new.

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