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Call to prayer what it's like five times a day they bray i mean it it i gotta tell you i was in tens your morocco i was in touch one ronkko i was in rabat morocco i was in uh marrakech morocco and uh i i have heard that insanity words comes for real than an arab country out of a mosque in its terrifying it's liquor some like a twilight zone episodes it is a straight up called twilight zone type thing and uh through obama that was a beautiful thing a beautiful thing now i think it will do about in the hour i want to get into these five things trump is done the fourth united nations three ways he has surrendered he needs to do more to completely completely yank us out of the united nations idaho that he's going to do that by the way trump right now is being accused at could believe this they're even turning this around on him and i say they it's the what they call the democrat party saying with trump wants to cut expenses in dc is in he wants to during certain departments no they're not hiring people in state department admit much of what the president actually controls himself in jobs atrophy off other words are getting rid of pencil necci bureaucrats and swamp numbers anything accused now rather that's a good thing because we can well look for a lot less expensive and get people back their money to pay for this crap anymore it's being run out now by the democrat party that trump is undermining undermining the government and bring about some type of aid dictatorial stranglehold because he's getting rid of well the bureaucracy yeah i megan that up as we're up against the awaited here the research grade kit that's what we're up against really you're on the edge.

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