Red Sox, Dell, NBC discussed on Financial Issues


Lewis Hamilton was fifth with level Norris six thanks very much if we miss the finance and now we go round up of the latest US sports his detox big day in the NBA free agents moving all over the place Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will now call Brooklyn home along with the Andre Jordan al Horford leading Boston to become a sixer and that's a traded deangelo was full to the warriors Andre good doll is heading to Memphis but today Major League Baseball in the midst of a seven game losing streak coming from behind to beat the Braves eight five giant down the D. backs ten four gnats give fourteen case for Max Scherzer beat the Tigers two to one and the Yankees put up double digits once again in a twelve a win over the red Sox to take both games in London I'm peacock such a Goober NBC sports update so much to be finance still had a very big day break here but jostling it for jobs we get the latest on the E. U.'s attempt to confirm who will take us over some of the European commission's top leadership roles including president all the European Commission and of course president of the European central bank the ECB wait for those confirmations in Brussels they must come sometime soon leaders have been up all night it seems trying to make these decisions we live in Brussels next this is the best at C. D. W. we get that working from the road can be difficult and lonely I know I just had a long conversation at the toll booth so it was on man well at least you can connect and being productive with a secure or dell latitude to old one laptop that reliable with all day battery life and part of the business class mobility solution implemented by CDW please don't go hi to your history from by CDW people who get it.

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