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I feel like David Reagan, he races here and there is still, but he's got a lot of experience. I feel like he's one of the guys that kind of helps me a lot during the week, preparing for the races. Yeah, he comes to simulator every single sim session. He's there helping me. We'll go over some stuff before some of the races. He'll text me a list of kind of notes that he thinks. Just some things to keep in the back of your head while you're before you head into the weekend. And so he helps me a lot. But I would say that's kind of like my people when it comes to that. All right, cool. And it goes right into my next question. You got some new tracks on the schedule this year. You mentioned simulators. Is that really the best way to attack that before you get there? Yeah, I think that's the only way in my opinion to get ready for some of these races. I feel like one of them that I'm looking forward to is Sonoma. I raised her in the K and N west series. And we call it on the pole there one year, so. I actually saw you in the garage area, walking around. Perfect. But yeah, that's one track that I really like. It might just be because that's in my home state. But Sonoma was a fun track for me. I feel like I do have quite a few laps there because of racing there are multiple times, so I think that going there in the chuck will be fun for the first time. And then there's a few other tracks, but that's kind of the one I'm really looking forward to that's new to the schedule. So does that give you an advantage because I've already talked to a couple of drivers and they're actually kind of dreading Sonoma because they know nothing about it. I mean, I don't think I'll ever have an advantage. I'm young. I'm really young. There's some guys out there that have been racing in the truck series longer than I've been alive. They're always going to have the advantage and upper hand. Because experience is invaluable. So I think that just being young, it's all about how much you can learn in the shortest period of time. And speaking of experience, you race in the SRX series, those guys have crazy amounts of experience. Yay. Where are you going to Billy? He's got a lot of live experience in a few years on you, but I think that going back to the SRX series, I enjoyed that so much. The hospitality was amazing. Truly thankful for that. It was top tier. And I think just having fun with some people who are so legendary in the motor sports world, being around them, people that you never thought you would have conversations with, that you're hanging out with. Like Elio cash and Abe's cash and evas, he was such a fun guy to be around. Like still to this day will text him and congratulate him and he's always like come away and say hi, my mom and so like there's just some good people that you never would have crossed paths with if I wasn't in that series. Right. What traces are you gonna do? I think I'm right now I'm set for Stafford and what was the other one? Is it people? Yeah. Yeah, that's it. So those two races so far, which who knows fame or could get added. It's kind of the hardest part right now is a confliction with the truck series. Yeah, yeah. So NASCAR has proven with the coliseum. They can make a racetrack anywhere. Where would you like to see them pop up a racetrack? I mean, I think it'd be pretty fun to eventually be able to race to the coliseum. Obviously the track is a very small you can see a handful of driving some of the cars around there, but it was entertaining race and I think bringing it to the West Coast down there in LA and having the fan base down there and seeing how well that race did. Can I bring a new vibe to NASCAR? And I feel like that was something to very cool to experience because I think a lot of people were worried that that race was kind of going to be a bust that maybe this isn't our fan base and this isn't where our true core fans are. Which is understandable. It's LA and so I think that going there and seeing the success of it seeing some really cool artists play and all the celebrities there when I was watching the races in one of the suites. I left to my left and to my right it was celebrities everywhere and so I feel like that was just, it was crazy to experience because it's different from the normal of NASCAR. Yeah. And I think that set off a buzz and NASCAR that's just off the charts this year. It's crazy exciting. Are you noticing that as a driver with the fans reaction? Yeah, and I think that that's one thing that I'm trying to help out with and one of my goals is bringing a new wave of fans and NASCAR. A younger generation. And getting them to experience it kind of through my eyes of what I'm experiencing. Because I feel like in NASCAR is not many people who show truly what's going on there, like in their life, their struggles, the positive things that happen. And seeing how you're emotionally feeling and mentally feeling. I feel like a lot of drivers put up a barrier and don't let fans in and so I feel like my goal is kind of take that barrier down and show them what it's really like. Show them the truth behind it and what's really.

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