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Newsradio back era rockies q and a or special edition as we get a chance to visit with the iraqis executive vice president chief operating officer greg feazel greg in segment one we talked about how you first got involved with the team we've celebrating this year twenty five seasons as a franchise and almost at that point with chris i wanted to focus in because as you talked about things that go on behind the scenes and really the off season i don't wanna say it's as busy as the regular season might be but i would guess on your side of the ledger there's a lot that goes on once the baseball part finishes to keep this place keep this organization where you want it to be that's a great comment jack and and we do view you and lisa's family of the organization so we'll just straighten that out right away you know for us that clock starts ticking now for the off season and we can't miss our deadlines and when you look at the things that there's a lot of things people can't see obviously they can see the new scoreboard and they can see what we did in the rooftop they can see what we did down in the infinity club but what they don't see is the the drains the concrete work obviously they can't see what we did in the clubhouse but there's just a number of things whether it be redoing restrooms repaving streets painting steelworks so it just goes on and on and you can't miss those deadlines in the off season so you work around you know whether or not we're in postseason you work around weather and you know again a credit to our staff that works very very hard and take a lot of pride in this in that process we often talk in in for folks who don't know greg was terrific football player in his younger days played professional football for a period of time so he appreciates the whole team aspect and one of the things i often talk about with bud and with with other head coaches or managers greg is that one of the biggest parts of their job is to manage your coaches or coach your coach is not just your players.

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