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Stay black sophie law so they're actively saying it's because of this lauding nine one hundred percent so that's a that's the cool thing about sports leagues in today's age. Is that when shit like this happens. We're taking our dollars outta here. Sucks that camp is costing jobs for people that had nothing to do with. So that's what the brave said and they tried to play a victim. Yes they sure did and say that. They didn't agree with this. That they vote to remove it out and that bay support equality and voting rights for all. But you know it sucks that because of this decision that all these jobs will be taken out and blah blah blah valid but. It's not the fault right. And they need to figure out who they're going to point to him. They need to really get on the phone we but they have a very conservative base. So they have to kind of walk that line but but it's but his managing pr. Though ken from there i understand. Yeah i get him so. I think they handled it right because if you know we could talk about. Yeah record we tune in. Because i'm curious. Because i i do but i just wanted to highlight that i thought it was a thought it was. I thought it was dope that they did it And that i think delta and coca-cola issue statements because of the voter rights activists putting pressure on them to do so. That's the other part of the story and camp in a lot of Top lee republican leaders in georgia or irked by that but and threatened to punish delta with some fuel tax increases. Something like that Because of this but I'm watching this. I haven't really decided one way or the other. What's going to happen. But i really think it was interesting. That corporations are kind of citing a little bit with people in voter equality so this is a really interesting move. I've seen To see them make that move interesting. Yeah that's going to do it for a topic this week. We'll be back with commentary. Pass the mic after this quick break. Hey it's bob sagged here and guess. What the name of my podcast is. Bob sags here for you. Everybody's got a podcast. We know that. I've been doing mind for a while even before all this craziness of Twenty twenty happened and thank goodness. Were coming out of it. And i'm continuing to do it forever because i love it and it's something i love because i get to talk to comedians that i love and actors and writers and sports people in and call you guys sometimes and see how you guys are doing. It's available of course apple and it's also available spotify until you want to subscribe and listen to it. In fact pause the podcast. You're listening to right now. And listen to my podcast bob sags here for you and then go back to your podcast so it was an extra hour ninety minutes or whatever so you could get a little extra entertainment of your day..

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