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No minimum listenership to start making money with anchor. So if you wanna make a little bit of money while having a cool podcast while download the crap or go to anchored up f m to get started. So the Mars twenty twenty Rover is still there's more things that's gonna go on with this stack. They have to stack it up. They have to put the things in order in order to make sure that everything fits properly, and then they have to unstuck it. So the Rovers in their while va dummy Rovers in there, and they have to take it out. They have to unassembled everything. And then they have to put the regular Rover back in there. The real Rover back in there to make sure that everything works with the real Rover as well. They'll do some testing. And then and only then once it pass those tests it'll be ready to launch to Mars in twenty twenty. A NASA spokesperson said until the hold down bolts on the atlas rocket blow in a Rover is headed to Mars in July of twenty twenty. There is almost always something being assembled tested or modified. Now, let's get into the brains of the operation the brings of the Rover the Rover compute element the RC. E? There's two of these things on the Rover. Now, that's for redundancy of one bringing goes down somehow doesn't work. There's always going to be a spare brain in the remote compute element interfaces with engineering functions of the Rover over two networks which follow an aerospace industry standard designed especially for the high reliability requirements of airplanes and space crafts and this thing will directly interface with Rover instruments for exchange of commands and science data. So without these two brains. None of the science would be happening in this Rover assembly for the March twenty twenty mission while they have cameras that are going to film, everything the entry descent in lane. Ding cameras will capture better than ever recordings of the events that deliver the Rover to the surface of Mars. They have up look camera to record. The parachute. They have a descent stage, which looks down that will view the Rover from above. It has an uplift camera another one that see the descent stage in operation as lowers the Rover from the crazy sky crane, and they also have down look camera that will be viewing the ground underneath everything. These cameras will be recording. What happens when the Rover actually lands how much sand and rock is blown into the atmosphere by the retro rockets. How does the landing system move is the Rover nears the surface, and how do the wheels and legs respond when the Rover finally puts all its weight down on the surface of the red

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