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I don't know if they're out yet on Amazon, I would just use those first of all you gotta try the. Yeah, for sure those will be great on your salad. I wanna talk a little more about these. I feel like I'm all over the map. But I met the people who created these there from Long Island like me in New York and aren't incredible. It's it's what they were telling me is the crisp itself is mostly I think it's like ninety percent just protein powder. So I don't know how they get the texture like that. And then they flavor with these amazing savers. Spices cheese flavorings. Yeah. It says it's real cheese. Nord official flavors Kito friendly. They're gluten free. Yes. So they're really popular with the key dome. Proud, and I was like, you know, what we can take these mainstream. I kind of feel like I did in the early days of vita tops. Like how we brought them to the world changed everything. I think these are life changing. Yeah. The world needs to know about shoot food. Just sniffing them. I also have check this out. They have to sweet flavor that I love it's brand new strawberries and cream. He's he's like strawberry. Quick try one and they come in tiny little bags. I think that have seventy calories and then larger bags that have ninety calories. To the strawberry. Right. Don't you want to just pour it in a bowl with milk and eat it looks like giant cereal puffs? I'm already scoping out the Amazon options. There's only guys there's a righty pack. The croutons are there. Oh, good. I know we should make sure people know that it's shrewd not shrewd like in the office. White true had a farm then he sold shrews, fruit foods, so H R E W date. I'm gonna go of the flavors again, big cheddar. I give that a ten at a ten brick oven pizza ten out of ten Saracho cheddar. A slight kick tentative ten then there's cookies and cream and also strawberries and cream and they're both phenomenal. It really depends on if you like sweet if you like savory I am obsessing over these right now because I'm not a person that normally invites. Savory crunchy salty snacks into my life because they make me two hundred because of all the carbs. These are just like practically carb free like to carbs serving. Well, I think too, you know, the criteria that goes into this very important category. They're affordable on Amazon and they're nearly impossible right now to find in stores. So talk about worth ordering on Amazon foreshore exactly what she said. And I'm going to say something else. I love these guys so much. I went and met with them. I believe in what they're doing. I think they're going to be a partner of ours. And you're gonna see hopefully a lot of specials in our daily emails about them. I just I love when I find a company that's new and young that has a product that so innovative that I think we can help bring to the world I love when she does that too. It's so fun, and you guys are the lucky recipients of this information. And again, if you want to order these right now, you could go to our page on our show page, right hungry girl dot com slash food cast,.

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