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Of the answer is well. If there's if there's power to be had and money to be made by doing a particular thing people are going to be drawn to that particular thing and right now. They've got a pretty good scheme going whereby they educate the kids into thinking that it's good and right that they should be ruled over by why's overlords who know better than they do. What's best for them. And by coincidence those people get to collect taxes and lorded over them and enjoy power and privilege and wealth at the expense of the rest of the public. That's a pretty good gripped you know. Kind of griff. Ter- approach so. It's very very hard to resist as an i essay there are. There's a reason and this would take the entire episode. But there's a reason that people who tend to be in education support this arrangement and so kids grow up thinking. well look i remember all the presidents. Were looking down on me from the school room. Wall all the presidents from george washington all the way up to the present. We're looking down on me with their benign visages as i did my work and so they're inclined to look at them as people who were just innocently pursuing the common good but if instead if walmart ran the schools and ascended the president's they put everybody on the walmart board of directors up there and the kids went home and said well. There's no questioning walmart. I mean i see. They're nice faces up on the wall and they're paying for the school. They must be good. We would all think that was really creepy. But if the kids come home and say oh my goodness where would we be without these great presidents. I'd probably be dead in a ditch or earning ten cents. An hour or my computer monitor would be exploding in my face. If it weren't for these people we would think well. Yeah he's just being patriotic. Say.

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