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Saint john's newfoundland so the these are on these figures you're seeing ads for sugar salt molasses rum other commodities that would have advertised in the evening telegram at the time so when i'm trying to do is to draw a direct connection between newfoundland and the caribbean and illustrate that centuries old trade that's not really known in oddities but the title of the piece of the original pieces called picking these candy store which is a really mocking negative horrible term to use to describe black children's so mystery black children in sugar cane in the sugar cane so that was one of that was something that i wanted to to draw attention to so renamed the peace sweet childhood so i'm kind of reflecting on the irony of the name of the piece of thinking about the conditions under which these children would have been working at that age we can't imagine most children children are children doing that now yet there are many children who've lived those kinds of lives at this time thinking about the lives of black children in particular thinking about my own childhood growing up in newfoundland also thinking about the fact that this pictures taken nineteen three my mother's born in jamaica nineteen twenty nine so this is the kerr parents generation my grandparents generation so kind of reframing this piece as a family portrait and trying to give these subjects back the kind of dignity and respect that i think that they deserve and this had a lot to do with your feeling of growing up in saint john's newfoundland but never quite feeling like you belonged and and having to find your own place there.

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