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Offices will be closed on election day. I made that announcement last year that I would forevermore closing on. On Election Day because of the need to utilize vehicle licensing workers to assist with the election, so please don't procrastinate with your vehicle, licensing transaction either June. The thirtieth is a grace period deadlines for those who had a May renewal, so they have a grace period until the end of June and so don't procrastinate. Bind yourself on June thirtieth without your Your tags that you need. And you must be reading my mind. Because falls squarely into that category, so thank you for the reminder yeah. Couple of other things scale you know. We found this year on the back of our envelopes. We had our printer. Put a hole on the back of the envelope this year. used to be that was on the front behind that whole. You'll notice that there's a bar code. And that code is used by the printer only to make sure they get the correct ballot with to the correct voter, and so what we've found this year is some of those whole gotten caught on postal processing equipment and having little tear at that whole. It does not indicate that somebody's trying to to know variously. Look at your ballot information. It simply is a processing challenge that we have this year, hasn't it is it's happened on quite a few ballot envelopes, but it doesn't indicate anything bad happening. It's just a a design flaw, a slight design flaw that we will look at for future elections. Good to know Angela Myers Larimer County. Clerk and recorder thank you so much for taking the time during a very busy time. Certainly do appreciate all the information and again just a reminder. If you haven't dropped that ballot in the mail today Angela is the last day calibrate me on that. Yes, last day is June thirtieth and one last thing to remember if you're an unaffiliated voter, and they make up our biggest block their county do not return more than one voted ballots. They receive both major party ballots in their packet. Only return one voted, or neither one will count. But today is the last day to drop your ballot in the mail. Right? Absolutely, Yes. Thank you so much Angela? Certainly do appreciate all you. Do you bet? It sixteen.

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