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After her parents accidentally stepped on her egg and broke its at London, zoo the zoo says keep us restorage. To find rainbow the female Humboldt penguin chick was still alive inside the broken egg they rushed the chick to the. Zoo's clinic where vet spurred her to an incubation chamber she spent weeks cuddling with a soft toy penguin and was fed what zoo called penguin milkshake. Made a fish vitamins and minerals penguin keepers Susie hides said on, Thursday the birds typically reject chicks when they accidentally step on their eggs she said the one month old is. Growing quickly and we'll stay in the incubation chamber until she reaches ten weeks a, worst case scenario leak of an old oil pipeline Where Lake Michigan. And, lake. Huron meat, would cost nearly two billion dollars the state of, Michigan's released a report by an independent team of scientists who estimate that more than half the cost would be cleanup much of the rest would be lost. Tourism income the scientists were looking at, the potential, impact of Bill from the Canadian company and bridges line five, which runs. Beneath the straits of mackinac critics say sixty five year old lines vulnerable to leaks and should be shut down and. Bridge says the, pipelines in good shape and the reports scenarios are. Purely hypothetical admirers of the first man to walk. On the moon will soon have the chance to own some artifacts and mementos from Neil. Armstrong's private collection Armstrong who died in twenty twelve left behind the collection including pieces of a wing and a propeller from the. Nineteen o, three Wright, brothers flight and, he took with him to the moon it also includes correspondence about. The planning of the nineteen sixty nine Apollo eleven moon mission Armstrong son Mark says he hopes that seeing the items. And remembering them we'll help people realize the importance of Of continuing to explore space Hi I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and.

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