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Of dwayne duty dot com and follow us on facebook but let's let's laid out there right now struggle at a little later bob with some may recall where the death of three latin at handle risk the 1960s seven in what is known as the algiers motel interim are desperate happened is a little unclear filmmakers are kathryn bigelow and her hurt locker koa remark bull her piece together a story based an interview even john her she wrote a book about it earlier active yuban didn't really know exactly what happened you with a year when there weren't any rick lender entered america's inner cities including milwaukee in detroit riots broke out after police raided an actor our carbon to escape the rioted young singer and his friend arctic refuge in the algiers more our party with going on come on albert hired a gun and police detained group for several hours tournament gunman the film and basically three acts the early think about the ride on a brutal interrogation bakr torture of suspects are racists boycott and a trial where they were found not guilty uh black actor john boyega star wars if who security guard were prevented with cards quitnow a the portrayal of event prior after uh interrogated mixture of new flirted with original cream shocker to convert it does have it has earned it apricot equality i compare the more linear interrogation with our quadrupled it and hard to watch the cruelty and structure of the finger reminded me of a film called crony game about a cruel home invasion and graphic way my reaction to this government i cannot give him to press others may come out angry on even but overall.

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