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Spend so much time trying to find a solution to the truth. was it really does earlier in the day. I appeal to all these Berg students to get involved. you all have the ability to change and writes. you're going to do. as for my CBS channel four thanks for that idea yeah yeah Friday at the rally said no with it the what anybody just said. he said we are is is not like at some point in our lives we will see the impacts of climate change fry said other alley we are going to be seeing the impacts today tomorrow the week after and it's going to continue to get worse. fifty eight ago Minneapolis man child yeah take of Jacob thrives story that I was looking at this morning when I was kinda gathering crap and I'm trying to get on my screen here but I'll just summarize it it was you know they've discovered evidence that on Venus the planet Venus you know a long time ago they had they had water they believe that that plan that might have supported life in some fashion you know there's indications that that you know this was this was a a planet that that was not too dissimilar from ours you know hundreds of thousands of millions of years ago. what. their climate changed. right because they got further away from the sun yeah and then it became uninhabitable and all of the things that would normally support life with the way it wasn't it wasn't there but the plastic straws it was an S. U. V.'s but that that killed life knowing this that because the climate change it was their relative distance to the sun which is exactly what causes our climate to change so is our relative distance to the sun and there's nothing you can do about it you didn't see the follow up story. they sent a probe to that will fight was it again. but it was an entry to see to me that's ready to start why this is as of I forgot about the fight against what they said of the this in they found evidence of right the plastic straw pull all of Venus was covered with the with the with the plastic bags why do you think it was so bright in the sky. with white plastic bags Venus may have been a temperate planet hosting liquid water for two to three billion years dealing with dramatic transformation starting over seven hundred million years ago resurfaced around eighty percent of the planet this was the climate change that. there was nothing. I do but there's. through all the straws last. from the office right there. S. is climate change a thing it was just a climate of Venus change this is kind of off the subject of my new crime thriller. strong. he was like they stop eating Venetian Calhoun. nobody even there. just want to burn down chick fillet on. voice of the Vikings Paul Allen joins us next..

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