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Three KPCC Hey there I'm Joshua Johnson there's no denying it one a is based inside the beltway but a lot of the time our guests come from further afield hello Josh we hear you loud and clear welcome to the international space station like that time when two guests were traveling at seventeen thousand miles an hour somewhere way up above they have been wowed by just the immense beauty of being up here and great view see the world differently on one a week nights at eight on eighty nine point three KPCC welcome back to the frame I'm John horn here's some of what you can look forward to this week on our show piano duos are pretty rare and even more rare is a duo composed of two sisters you'll hear my conversation with Katia and Marielle the back and comedian and actor Camille non Johnny's stars in the new film stupor you'll hear why he thinks this mismatch buddy comedy is different from all the others and now Joe well Joe baritone the Brazilian musician credited with creating the bossa Nova sound died on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro at the age of eighty eight in the early nineteen sixties Joe Berto introduced a new way of singing and playing the guitar ushering in a musical revolution his collaboration with American saxophonist Stan Getz you'll that a best selling album in interviews bossa Nova to a huge audience largely through the song the girl from if any about the frame contributor better Arcos offers an appreciation join your band to was born on June tenth nineteen thirty one in the northeastern state of by year by the time he was eighteen he was a corner on a radio station in Salvador the state capital he moved to reel in nineteen fifty but several years later he left real to work on his guitar playing and vocal style away from the music scene that story is recounted in a conversation between singers David Byrne Brazil's Tom's AA and guitarist are to Lindsey released in twenty ten as part of Tom's as vinyl box set as the story goes.

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