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In nineteen fifty three eighty five year. Old marie dinar. No lay on her deathbed. She spent her entire life in a tiny hilltop village. In the south of france ren lucia cto penniless and never married. Marie had no one to care for her except the family that had bought her home years before the core booze in return. She promised them a deathbed confession for much of her life. Marie was the housekeeper of the town's former priest. Baron jay sewn year decades earlier son. Years struck it rich overnight but never disclosed the source of his sudden wealth except to his ever-present confidante marie. Marie had hinted to the core booze. That when the time was right she shared the of sonya's fortune making them rich beyond their wildest dreams. They recalled her saying quote. You're walking on gold. You could feed the village for one hundred years and they would still be some leftover sadly. Marie suffered a stroke. That left her unable. To speak or write she died on january twenty ninth nineteen fifty-three taking sauniere secret to her grave. Ever since hundreds of thousands of travelers been drawn to ren lucia toe in search of ancient mysteries and one very elusive treasure Welcome to conspiracy theories as spotify original from podcast. Every monday and wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events and search for the truth. Carter roy and i'm only brandenburg i and neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded skeptical and curious. Don't get us wrong sometimes. The official version is the truth..

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