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Show Danial don't you think I forgot back a little late to the annual report? We'll get to it right now. What do you got going on today? All right so finding freedom is a book about Megan and Harry. It's supposed to come on August eleventh now. It's about life as modern royals behind the headlines. But I don't think it's going to be scandalous because royal reporters actually had sat down. That's where we're sitting down with them. And they were putting this together. And it's supposed to be an honest up close and disarming portrait of the couple. It's not supposed to be like telling you all the salacious the salacious gossip behind the scenes supply. It's actually supposed to give you a really good look into their lives soap. Going to be interesting. We'll see what happens. When it comes out. Anderson Cooper told his mom Gloria Vanderbilt about his plans to have a baby before she passed away. She was the first to know so she knew that the baby was in the works before she passed. Justin Haley bieber debuted a new facebook. Watch reality show the BEAVERS ON WATCH. It's twelve episode series showing fans around their house promising and intimate look into their lives and locked down. They put a bunch of Gopro zoll around their house. Yesterday was the first episode. So I don't know if you saw it but if you didn't maybe want to go back and check that out Elon Musk. Ceo OF TESLA is worth like thirty eight billion dollars. He took to twitter yet. He took to twitter to pledge to sell almost all of his physical possessions. He listed two of his Bel Air estates already for sale. He says his freedom is something that he wants. It's a whole big thing you know. He has seven kids right so he just had his seventh kid with his girlfriend and apparently his girlfriend not so happy about him selling everything right now. Yeah she not do into this. She's not too into the freedom thing. dog the bounty hunter is engaged ten months after the death of his wife. Bath He said he's not ruling out of televised wedding. And apparently they bonded over both of their late spouse. So why Y'all keep posted on that? Yeah they both went through it so they bonded over that the met gala nationally takes place. The first Monday in May so obviously that had been cancelled. I don't know if you took the social yesterday but a lot of celebrities like I know Julia Roberts was wearing a dress that she would have warranted gala and she was like staying at home. You know usually where the met gala Blah Blah Blah but. Yeah it's crazy though. All these things that have been canceled. You don't realize how many things have been affected. It is so many things all this floor for twilight fans. It is a big day. The new book is on the Way Midnight Sun. We have been waiting for this book for years. Edward Cullen's version of twilight the Edward and Bella. Story his point of view. But it's also his life before meeting Bala- so why August fourth is when you're going to get that so pre-order it or you know wanted on your audible however you want to get it channing. Tatum was wearing gold harem pants while he threw the garbage out at his girlfriend. Jessie J's House. It's drawing the garbage out is one thing but where do you get those pants? I don't know if you didn't even know they made those other love. This is a news story really is going to be the pants. And you'll understand why it's a news story it's just the weirdest thing and of course. I agree with this endre percent. There's no way you can't Nicholas Cage as Joe Exotic in scripted. Tv series He. He is Joe Exotic. He really is if you look at him. Eight episodes series. It's basically about how Joe Exotic became the Joe Exotic. We know today. And it's going to be about tonight on television if you haven't seen outer banks you definitely need to. It's so good Hollywood and Net flicks. A lot of people are like in that. You've got a repeat of the singer the voice and Ellen's game of games and that's my annual report. Someone just in a Texan. I totally forgot. Did we hear back from Bob? Pittman about trail. Mix Problem. He he. I know he's the CEO of iheartmedia. The one of the biggest media companies in the world but this should be his priority. Like making sure you guys studios have better of trail mix. Yeah I think so now. What was your complaint? What was your original complaint about the trail degree in nate? I mean there's just way too many way too many raising and the rest of it is peanuts which is not nut. I mean they just give me the healthy nuts. GimMe Gimme almonds and other things. We don't need virtually zero EMINEM's Yeah Gandhi. What do you think I like scary? Like irate about the hell factor of this trail mix when he says his favourite food is anything processed phasing. Scary is he never makes any sense whatsoever. We're working on as soon as we can get Bob Pittman on the line. We'll try to order you. Some better trail mix. Joe's would be great okay. I mean you're working on that I've to take a break. We'll be back.

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