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And white Think red 8 15 now let's check in with rob All right the capital trail of the Panthers won nothing as we near first intermission in Florida and postseason hockey's about getting bounces often and it certainly happened moments ago when Aaron ekblad skipped in a goal off Martin farrari into the nets the caps down Now despite out shooting Florida 9 to four but we can say the game is the same in game one and ended up okay Actually Laura just tacked on another So now it's two zero So now I'm psyching myself into thinking that this is okay when it's getting worse The national said another defensive letdown in Colorado They fall 9 to 7 to the rockies and drop the three game series Aaron Sanchez pitched a rough four in the third innings how CDs Escobar committed another error but it was another multi hit game for Josh bell to compliment solo homers from Juan Soto and kaba Ruiz and defeat Right now the Orioles in front of the Minnesota Twins two to one bottom of the fourth inning as they try to close out that long series on a high note Ryan mountcastle and Cedric Mullins each with solo home runs in consecutive innings After one round of the Wells Fargo championship Jason Day the leader at 7 under defending champion Rory McIlroy still in the mix at three under and the Washington commanders marching band will return after a two year absence with new threads picked out by co owner Tanya Snyder and what the team calls a revamped arrangement of the original fight song Rob would work to believe TOP sports.

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