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So everything seems to be close to dollar in dollar out. I'm getting back at three point. Two million dollar defenseman. I could probably make an impact on my and so the injury this I guess goes back to your point. Drags the injury to Elliott Mikheyev. Who was a revelation for the leaves? The he got bad skate. Cotton he's out for quite some time. Had he not been hurt maybe their depth would be apart that they go. You know what we can't trade one of these forwards but right now. It's Kyle do in. He's an he's in a spot here because they're you know as we sit today the lead Sir there What are the a couple of points out of the wild card? You're a couple points behind Florida for third in the Division and Florida's got a game and Florida had a a wild comeback last night As we taped Tuesday here They had a wild comeback in Minnesota. They scored with how good is bark off all my got the goal or the like the little chip into the into the top of the net. It was amazing. Here's another thing when sometimes the it's almost like a deal with the devil or what do you. What do you want to call it? Like a a guy has a a career year that can never ever ever be achieved again in Florida. They signed Nola Chari from the Boston. Bruins fourth line guys really hard player. He really penalty kill Zweli hits. He's a really tough guy so is career in the. Nhl went from zero to two to ten to six goals now. He's a starting pitcher on any baseball team. Eighteen goals in forty five games eighteen goals and three assists so aside from their crazy high in talent with bark off and Hoffman scoring like crazy. The dawn off has been terrific. Jonathan Uber Dough is probably as good a player in the league that nobody talks about right and all those goals they score. They've scored one hundred and seventy nine goals this year. I think I WANNA say they're the top scoring team in the league. They're tied with Colorado at one hundred seventy nine goals and They're put the lease on their back foot right now. Now what does Donald L. and the Carolina Hurricanes to India. Stan Pat. They would you know they. They moved defensemen Just because they had depth there and we're trying to shake things up now they lose dougie Hamilton for an extended period of time. Now this is one of those stories. Hamilton obviously out long-term with a broken fibula. Where you shake your head I. I don't necessarily feel for players but I do in this case. Because he was having such a good year in the conversation for sure and then he suffers a fluky injury. That is a serious injury But but from playing and from a team perspective does Adel off to step in here now address an area that might be concerned that maybe less than a year ago is a strength and that's the Carolina. Blue Light is in a tough spot because they they unlike Florida Don't have one shot scores. So is your need on the Blue Line or is your need up front like I think they just added Justin Williams which was a pretty cool story. Yeah they're they are slogging away through a seven round shootout. They hold the thirty eight year old off the bench and he goes in everybody's trying all these great moves. Eagles in straight down the middle should sit through the whole turns around game over like I just love how simple all what like you guys. Keep Doing. Whatever it is you. I'm just going to go down and shoot it through the five four so you know they do get an addition of Williams and you know. But he's not going to be You know all of a sudden score. Twenty two goals in a lot. Sturdy Games of the year can go find one of those guys. What are you sacrifice to go get it? Here's the other thing in the summer under. I think it was kind of under the radar. They they go out. And they signed Jay Gardner who's been it's been a debacle for him in Azman in Carolina. They signed him to a contract. That you are manny's signed the same deal. He had Toronto five million bucks a year. He's a good player. You can provide offense and it's like it has not even been close to a fit in Carolina for him now. I know the plus minus stat rightfully so when a lot of cases takes a kick in the pants but when your mind is twenty two and there's another defenseman on your team you know playing the same position that is plus fifteen. Something's not right. Something's not right and mandrakes I I duNno would they look to move Gardner with the? Yeah but can they now like? Can you move Gardner? Now that takes another defenseman off your Blue Line do trade him for a forward. Do you trade him for another defensemen right like Dougie. Hamilton's injury and I'm with you drags. It really really sucked to see him get hurt like he did on a play that. I guess this happens all the time on a planet. The doesn't seem so nefarious. And then all of a sudden is foot jams in the ice and right away. He knew you could see him. He was mouth. Think I broke my leg so brutal but now your your focus on what. You're trying to improve his completely changed and I and I. It's a top spot for for Adele. Right now are in couple more items here real quick. I want your thoughts on Alexander Gore gave of the New York Rangers because his name has been out there and trade speculation now for a few weeks to be sure and I know the Toronto Maple leafs inquired did not make an offer or didn't when I checked in last week. So we'll revisit there but when he even though the three headed monster of three goaltenders is is a challenge for Henrik Lundqvist and and all involved. Because you're sharing the practice and that's all of those things when you look at the future of the New York Rangers. If you're Jeff Gordon why would you trade? Georgi of you know drinks I I I understand the respect that is needed and afforded to Henrik Lundqvist. But he's thirty eight and so I guess the only way it makes any sense to move the younger goaltender this case being your Gabe dot eager. Sure sterkel who is the young Russia goaltender? Who's a terrific terrific prospect is that you're the possibility of the expansion draft than a year and a half rears its head and so do you risk losing somebody in the expansion draft because if then you get nothing for him right if you trade him now you get assets back because lundquist clearly is not the goalie that he used to be? I mean who is at age thirty eight right like you just. You just can't be in the miles that he has on them. Like not only was he a workhorse for the Rangers carrying them to the Stanley Cup Finals. But the amount the volume of his work through Olympics and world championships. You know the the number of games he played with the Rangers. He's only going to play this year next year. And so in the meantime you're gonNA have to sacrifice a young goaltender who's GonNa play for a long time. Now it's in and if you're Jeff Gordon you this is one of those rare times you can sit there and rub your hands together and say to the other teams. Okay bring me what you got because not only with Toronto be interested in Alexander Georgiev. Plenty of teams would be. Yeah and and look. It's not just a decent return to your point that is going to fetch Georgiev. I mean we're talking about a substantial trade package so Even though you know most nights he's a backup goaltender e clearly is poised to be at least a one B if not a starter in the NHL. So it's a storyline will follow through the trade deadline. Did you watch the weekend game? Ottawa Calgary we did it in Studio James and I I. I almost turned away because you guys were on but I I mean that's fair. I understand that a West MacAulay officials for that game. Just a cool dude man like he. He's not afraid to show his personalities. Very good official by all standards so prior to the opening faceoff. And you've got forty. Plus CA Chuck family members in the IN A in Ottawa for the Battle of Brady Versus Matthew Gallagher Versus Ottawa. Macaulay throws a Nissan Mauve of the Ottawa Senators and Lynn home. The Calgary flames from the opening faceoff. So he can put Brady versus Matthew and Walt Big. Walt was loving every second of it in Brady won the draw clean and then Matthew gives a job on the way out of the face off of it but Kudos to Westwood Cawley for just recognizing that that would be a special moment while West likes the big moment and in performs the big moment to and I love it. I know some people have of course because some people will always criticize and they say oh you should just go over and and review the play and signal will now. I like when he has that dramatic turns around and we have a goal or whatever it is and of course is the one that probably brought him to prominence. Was the five minutes for fighting. Yeah my kids. Think that is hilarious. So what's wrong with not disrespecting the game because he doesn't he has holds it in high regard I've gotten to know what's a little bit? Man He's a he's a leader. He's a learner. You know he's back to school as well as managing his crazy busy schedule and he sees fun in the job so he looks over there and he sees the Kachuck boy stand there and he's like that I get in here and so you're right. They it was a it was really a cool thing to do and I did laugh when when Matthew gave them a little shop to the back. Because you know they were both trying on the draw. Oh for sure just. It's not like a normal center ice face off you know and there's the little brother again saying hey look. You booted me around the House for fifteen years. I'M GONNA win this draw lease well West. Macaulay would be an excellent guest for the rain. Dregs hockey podcast. I wonder if he's allowed to do it. I I was just GonNa say probably not because the the big shots inside. The Commissioner's office probably wouldn't allow him to speak candidly or Franks to read. And then by the way if we did that was going to say we'd have to push Gord Miller down to one hundred and fifty second now on the raindrops guest list. But technically technically he was the Waldorf stop or dual that you guys did from the World Juniors in the Czech Republic. So does that count as a fulltime guest appearance or was he just. Kinda your wing man for that particular episode. No no he was just there He owes us an an appearance. I expect them to bring a little more than he did. The first time around. Okay coming up on the rain. Drake's hockey podcast. Great the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets John Tortorella. Now we're going to try and take towards into a different arena. Of course we're going to talk about the Columbus Blue Jackets We need to talk about the blue jackets. But there's so much more about towards that the the average hockey fan would know so. We'll talk about that. But first your thoughts on the Columbus Blue Jackets I I mean I thought given all the changes going into this year in goal are Tammy Pinero no more some of the other pieces that that left the organization through free agency. I lot they were taking a huge step backwards and they were gonNA struggle mightily this year. They've had stretches where they've struggled but of late. They've been smoking hot. This a pretty good hockey club. They are they're not fancy they're I think they're built in a little bit of not that they were built this way but they play in kind of John's image. And that's you know when I when I think of towards I think a little bit of a bulldog you know like he's always fighting always scrapping and that's kind of the way Columbus Place. They never really make it very comfortable for whoever they're playing against. They've had terrific goaltending and one of the things I. I think it's really important is when we're in this is for US guys the media when we're evaluating what team should and shouldn't do lots of time a lot of people that are doing the evaluating don't have a clue about what is in the depth of the Organization Columbus felt okay about Sarah Gabri Bosque leaving because they have some terrific young prospects. One started the year old. Unbelievable Yoenis corpuscle. Who was the backup but they felt he was ready for a bigger role at.

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