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Be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to the fullest extent what how's that not high crimes and misdemeanours this by the way this memo that i that we all know about now and that i alluded to on the show last week apparently is going to be released this week apparently this memos coming out this week so and uh steve steve king next door over and over iowa says that he read it and he posted it said it if we get to read this we were going to realize that we are living in a banana republic or have been living under a banana republic i dunno was it what is probably going to blow through the first by you know i was just bite who knows stay to don i'll i'll let you know we got a break here but at i'll be icu dan works were sitting class right back in the day and i'm in i'm thinking of course the biggest enemy in every textbook is adolf hitler of course you can always that's free pass you get to just go go after adolf hitler go after the nazis sets of you get a free pass on our well okay that's sprint right but nixon mitsuo some of the other guy the guy you get a free pass every textbook every calls professor all richard nixon our terrible guy oh like every textbook nazis and nixon those were your free passes that's where you got to just four am on without any i'll be honest with you may grown up helene really understand what was wrong with watergate am i am i like alone on this like as can somebody calling it tell me like what's watergate really that like let me point see this way if i were politician and i'll try to win something i am i going to spy on the opposition who tried to get away with it well i i hate to say well i mean you play you play boats tom brady bill bellichik it took quite the ball a little bit i'm let me be a bad person does that make me a moral don be a terrible person matt gene it's corrupt floats i say that i see that jokingly i say jokingly polite but.

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