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Andrew approaches is job in his work and how he approaches these conversations that he has with people to get the golden information from them for everybody's benefit, and we'll talk about the business that you've created as well. But I love to start in the beginning like before mixer g before you started interviewing other entrepreneurs, what were you doing? And. Were you at that time. I'm gonna go back a little bit further because I'll be honest with you. I'm a little intimidated about being on with you because every detail of everything touches so neatly perfectly organized, like even the fact that you did this ten year anniversary show about being let go the music stopped at the key point where you were going to make a statement and it stopped and there was no music as you talked and then it picked back up in temple later when you announced that you were doing this Kickstarter campaign like all those little details you you take into account and I'm not a detail oriented person in my conversations. What I try to do is like tap into my heart. What do I feel in the moment? Tap actually into my fear? What am I freight of in the moment and let that out. And so considering how organiz you ours at 'em I even going to be able to survive this. What is this about? So weird that my, that my brain goes like that. So here's what I did. I went to my second monitor my second computer, and I brought up this Evernote folder that I have full of everything that I had on my wall growing up as a kid. I hired somebody to come in and take all the all the stuff that was on my wall and all the little keep. Sakes that I kept and scan them in so that I could always have them. And I'm looking at it too. Just like reconnect with who I was so that I could be genuine with you. I think you want to see is like old. BusinessWeek magazine cover stories articles about next the computer company from back then TV shows about about successful people like teddy Roosevelt. That's who I was as a kid. I grew up in New York. It's okay to spire to do something big in New York. And so I heard there was a part of me also that internally wanted to. And so I'd read about all these people growing up as a kid. One thing that just happened to flash on my screen right now was a spreadsheet that I created in Microsoft excel with the little products and my brother and I sold and you can see for the first few months, it was no revenue revenue, and then it picks up and I had that up on my wall, and that's who I was before. I started interviewing this guy who just aspire to do something as big as all these people that I admired well, a lot of kids have a lot of ambitions and many times we talked to kids and they want to be a baseball player firefighter. Astronaut why? Why business. I think it's okay to aspire to be that because if you walk into a store, there's a t shirt that's going to sell. I just stopped my kid off the day at school. I saw so many Batman t shirts and superman shirts hits. So Kate aspire to be that our society encourages you to do that. I think there are a lot of people who say, I saw that eleven year old selling selling lemonade on the corner. How do I get to do that? I think a lot of people who want that. I think a lot of people who see these big buildings who see Eli on musk, see you driving in a tesla and say, how did who made that tesla? I liked that he's driving the tesla. How did he get to earn that tesla? And we just don't encourage that. And I felt in very real way at the time that nobody encourage it, nobody cared about it. That business that you had with your brother, what were you selling? So the first one, the one that I had here was. We just created a bunch of little apps. One was a spellcheck at before. There was universal spellcheck on a computer. The other one was something called easy, phone easy. And then p. o. n. e. that before Skype allowed you to make calls do each other..

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