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Score run pitcher Ben Rowen goes an inning giving up two hits and a run he struck out a batter and walked a batter the Braves are back in action Friday drive to San Diego against the Padres WSB news time three thirty two PM nonstop news feed every day on double U. S. B. we're giving you even more use whether an airborne traffic during your commute home plus we'll get those WSB Scott copter ports coming every six minutes while you listen to the market show news ninety five five and a M. seven fifty W. S. B.'s campaigned on it he'll love W. SP triple team traffic alerts are free updates run by your traffic experts sad news ninety five five and the seven fifteen W. S. B. open the app and set your smartphone aside beans you audio alerts for your specific road ahead sponsored by bright box electrical I'm shockingly good electricians WAFB triple team traffic alerts W. S. reduce time three thirty four Steve Winslow double U. S. B. twenty four hour traffic center right now we're seeing on the W. S. B. gin can't work crews on Bucks county on seventy five north on getting ready to wrap up the left lane paving project by state would sixteen exit to all five to just watch for those crews removing barrels off to the far left on the north side perimeter to eighty five eastbound jammed him still showing love plain black by Roswell road over the Glen ridge connector and also work on the left lanes for the outer loop two eighty five west bound by Ashford done what he wanted to twenty nine to Georgia four hundred this report is brought to you by unbounded dot org the girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an older in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community.

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