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The bullets thankfully did no harm but the powder burned scorched the skin of tom's hand so badly that he was sent for an immediate operation so miniscule was the film's budget however that he was required to return to filming off the just two days which meant that his remaining scenes included a hitherto unseen medical dressing around his carried his hand which the produces didn't even attempt to disguise natural husband was that aidid before or after six months maybe that's work from here to death of a scoundrel starring in a small part as his brothers own brother once more george being cast in the lead is the films antihero clement he suborning loosely based on the reallife reprobate surge rubinstein who matter a mysterious death in nineteen fifty five tom was cast as jerry seib warren who believing his brother to have died long ago fell in love with and married his brother's girlfriend zina in revenge clementi has jerry arrested as an illegal immigrant and jerry's killed while resisting arrest toms role in the film was over before the end of the first act and comprised as tom night stated firmly of precisely fifty one wads originally ables 53 watch but the film was running over schedules or the cat out a couple despite the brevity of tom's time on the filmed the tensions between the two brothers onset were causing something of a problem george complained at length and that significant volume about the amount of alcohol the tom was consuming during production tom did his best to ignore the loud complaints but every now and then we'll be forced to sheepishly explained to inquiring minds that he was still in a great deal of pain and that alcohol while the root cause of his liver problems was ironically also the only anaesthetic it was.

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