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Alleged sippy right below Memphis I saw saying in clubs in red survived and Red Foley came there for a show to song on the show us tons of country music this weekend on racing country classics uh yet your straight line racing news with the Iranians nitro notes presented by Wicks filters visit go prn dot com now more of the reilly auto parts paid reporters at welcome back long Caitlyn Vinci from F S One and Jordan Bianchi from the athletic glad to have you with us all right we were talking in the last set been about gone all right now is basically even with William Byron Eighth and ninth right there so Lugano technically on the outside at this point Any hamlet got upset with Llegado for race them so hard when Lagaan was twenty something laps down Lugano Justification was look we felt like we had an opportunity uh-huh maybe before the race was overpass more guys pick up a few points hamlets basically like really come on but Lugano's right now Z.. zero when it comes to how many you know what are two points could make a difference for him by the time they leave Kansas Right Caitlyn always does and we when we saw even the cutoff of her for the first round you're watching it it's moving point-by-point Newman's in then he's out enrolls in that he's out I mean every single point matters so I don't have an issue with what Joel Garner did we all know what kind of a competitor driver twenty two is he is not out there to make friends and he doesn't care yeah that's the thing is he has a history with Joe Gibbs racing which plays a part in this as well but you go back to last year in the first round tiebreakers because you know Jimmy Johnson colors and Eric Merola it happens every point matters and you look at Dover and how volatile that race was we had people falling out mechanical problems all sorts of issues one guy falls out above them all of a sudden the picks up one point and guess what that one point right now means a whole world of him I have no problem with it Lugano is where he is now he's a champion he's a multi race winner because he's racer and frankly he doesn't give a fig about anybody else there because that's and he is willing to accept the repercussions he's wanting I'm going to be aggressive if you want to be aggressive with me that's fine but at the end of the day I'm not GonNa Complain about it I don't want you to either yeah I wasn't surprised to see that joy on I mean that's kind of the racer we've grown accustomed and appreciate that that that is his competitive nature and again I mean he's out there to win he's out there to get the best finish possible why should he lay back even if he's twenty laps down still in playoff hunt it's not like he's a lap car that's not even in the hunt for a title he still is no if he got up the next closest guy is fifteen laps ahead of you and there's thirteen laps to go sure then you could pull to the garage area and get roundly criticized like Kyle Busch was the week before so long as you don't go the wrong way up that road Elliott against virtually every point matters and literally does yeah all right let's talk about really really quickly the trucks and you'll be out Caitlin with the trucks this week at Talladega it's been like what since Vegas it'll long brain almost a month it's a rather unusual schedule I feel like I've always kinda criticized it a little bit just because oh you do have these big big breaks in the middle of the play offs and our most recent winner was Austin Hill obviously a Las Vegas and right after he won we had him on the show and I said I was like a happy about this break he's like not really because we are one of the teams with momentum and so you WanNa just kinda continue on with that where some of the other teams who are maybe in kind of precarious situation right now though break maybe came at a good time for them to sort of reset regroup and really focus ahead on this this round of racetracks but I am very grateful we're back the engine blew up that is that is a whole other beast that we've been talking about it all week how we're going to approach it on the broadcast I two things and Sorta lay this out to the fans because it it's not acceptable I it's a very unusual set of circumstances obviously the the fact the Johnny solder who we all identified as possibly one of the most legitimate contenders for the title in Miami he's I granted fingers out and it's just it's hard to believe everything that transpired on that side of things to it is and it it seems unfair I agree with what Brad Keselowski said too is when you go to these common engines or SPEC engine if you WanNa Call Matt and you have a part failure breakdown in the process of building these engines you're going to have things like this and I think as Nascar shifting in this direction you're GonNa see the cup side of the next few years this is going to be I think more common and in now Nascar has to address it is you know you just shrug your shoulders and say sorry bad break and you move forward and it is what it is our do you try to figure out a way around it and I just don't see there wasn't a path for Nascar to correct this is unfortunate it's unfair and finger and solder but what do you do that doesn't that isn't equally unfair to everyone else so I think at the end of the day just Kinda gotTa Shrug your shoulders and say it sucks we're GONNA try to make it better but there's nothing we can do yeah and I hate that sort of has overshoot Addo you know some of the other storylines in break yeah because you've had a long break because there are a lot of great stories that have gone on throughout the course of the season in the truck series one that would come to mind for me is Ross chastain now obviously isn't one yet in the playoffs but in terms of the point position he's in a really good spot I just really enjoy him as a competitor of love watching when he's been able to do so far this season I expect in this round we we see him rise to the top I agree I think Ross is one of those guys that races the hard he asked no quarter he gives no quarter afraid of that and I think there's kind of a budding rivalry with him Brett MOFFITT right now and I think that's kind of bubbling a little bit and I'm really interested at the C. when this percolates and they kind of bought heads a little bit they haven't really had those moments on the racetrack depend a couple maybe but I really feel like this building to homestead where these guys are going to be really fast and you mentioned Austin Hill he's got two wins last four races this is the guy who might sneak his way in there this is interesting see and he's another guy to WHO's very aggressive you got three drivers there who don't care that's GonNa be fun to watch this at the start of the semi finals for those that have been keeping track of the Cup sir you got six guys left in this at the start of the semi finals three raises and they will innate to drivers will be in the final four so you got Talladega Martinsville Phoenix and then the final four and you guys talked about moth at one two of the three races in the first round of the playoffs and Ross chastain is the guy who was so red hot going in I think everybody expected that he would be the overwhelming favourite but all of a sudden it seems like it's kind of taken that over Caitlin yeah and you know he has obviously that experience as a past champion and talking with him to recently I think things between him and his crew chief Gerry Baxter really kind of jolting came together at just the right time it's GonNa be interesting I think maybe two for me one of the biggest prizes was young Tyler acre making his way on through that and he's never even raced a Talladega truck so I mean he is that practice time is going to be really valuable obviously for him trying to learn his way around a super run-ins in the past with Jani solder and granted finger those two are now eliminated so I would be curious like if he and I asked him when he was in for race concerned that this could come back around on you now that they don't have anything to lose and he said he actually had a conversation with Johnny Sauter in Las Vegas and kind of tried to smooth things over I think all right we'll see how it plays out can be fun to watch metallica this week kind of get back into it after a month off it's either chance for tempers to cool or for the start really.

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