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Larry Sabato is the director of the center for politics at the university of Virginia. A win for Trump with his base followers because they are concerned, most of all about immigration. So this reinforces the idea to them, that Trump is doing something about illegal immigration, Rhode Island democratic Representative David Cecil, lean on FOX, we need comprehensive immigration reform. We need to devote more resources to it, but we need a president who understands the complexities of problem and stops using this issue as a political prop on the issue of tariffs against China. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the US may ease restrictions on wall way. If there's progress on trade talks, the US accuses the Chinese company of espionage and selling stealing intellectual property. The New York Times reports China has threatened major tech companies if they refuse to sell American technology to Chinese companies CBS news technology consultant, Larry maggot, I would imagine that any American company that found itself on a list compiled by. The Chinese government of quote, unreliable companies would be inferior trouble, both in terms of its ability to sell into China and its ability to gain access to Chinese technology, and Chinese manufacturing. When it comes to tech trade is a two way street, both in terms of production and fails, a fire north of Phoenix has burn more than eleven square miles and has only twenty percent contained the mountain fire is burning.

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