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Chris Farmer Golf magazine recently named George right in Hyde Park, the third best public golf course in the country. Tell these guys something they don't know. Awesome. Just a great place to play from uni where as good as it gets. It's a great course, like keep in great shape, and they've done a lot of work to the last few years of for municipal course it's a total gym. It even has good eats. We come here for lunch because the menu is great. The people are great. They sure were to me. But the key to George writes high marks is the layout. A beauty of a design by Rene An architect Donald Ross. He was way ahead of his time. Any Donald Ross course you play, you're going to see a pretty unique place. What we have here is it's kind of a boutique. Your rank higher than the place they play in the U. S open as we speak. We're a better layout. It's a better golf course. Chris Farmer WBZ Boston's news radio. Some of the nation's top athletes will be in Eugene, Oregon. Today. Why, for the start of the Olympic track and field trials, and the final ruling is in on a runner who claims a burrito. Messed up her drug test. The American runner who claims she tested positive for doping after she ate a burrito from a food truck will not be allowed to take part in trials for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Hours after USA Track and field gave the green light for Shelby Hula had to participate. The U. S Olympic Committee overruled the decision, announcing it is adhering to the World Anti Doping Agency code. That means full the hands four year bad stands. She claimed she unknowingly ingested an anabolic steroid by eating pork in a burrito. Studies have found small amounts of nandrolone, an awful made from pig organ meat. Deborah Rodriguez CBS News.

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