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Some strict virus controls for the first time in almost a year let's get to Ed Baxter and San Francisco with the details it Yeah exactly right Juliet no dining after 6 closing some venues including bars and gems Bloomberg Steven engel in Hong Kong says this to align with China zero policies on COVID You know Hong Kong's in a bit of a pickle because on a global scale Hong Kong's in pretty safe position We did not really have much of a delta outbreak here and because of course Hong Kong has been adopting this COVID zero approach a similar to China but on the flip side of that it has a very low vaccination rate compared to other developed economies about 62% Yes Steven says as well the sign of a vaccine is not proven as effective against the omicron variant Hong Kong also now stopping flights in from 8 countries for the next two weeks at least Australia Canada France India Pakistan Philippines UK and U.S. and we're getting headlines moving on the Bloomberg terminal that China has fired as Xian hospital staff and warns of wrongdoing amid the lockdown Prime minister Scott Morrison has held Australia of course is held a news conference addressing a number of things Now Dan will have details on Novak Djokovic in a moment but the prime minister has said it's not about one person in that case But that no person can come in other country without proof of full vaccination It is a matter of rules I say Dan will have more coming up on the impact Meanwhile Morrison has said the signing of a treaty with Japan today is major The landmark treaty that we will commit to today the reciprocal axis agreement as it is known will usher in a new chapter in advanced defense cooperation between Australia and Japan to deal with I knew and even more challenging environment particularly within the indo Pacific And the p.m. Morrison also touching on price gouging on COVID tests as will not be tolerated These are the same price gouging provisions that we put in place earlier in the pandemic for things like hoarding and supplying at price gouging rights personal protection equipment and things of that nature He says more than a 20% markup can be met with fines and even criminal charges In the U.S. case rate going straight up straight line CDC director doctor rashel walensky says oh Macron Based on CDC genomic sequencing we now estimate that oma crown represents about 95% of cases in the country and delta represents the remaining 5% of the cases CDC also gone ahead with Pfizer boosters for 12 to 17 year olds and very interesting dynamic to play out tomorrow if it goes as advertised White House is saying that security for the capital for tomorrow's anniversary of the January 6th insurrection attempt is very tight But in the president will address the nation and spokesman Jen Psaki says he will actually focus on Donald Trump President Biden has been clear eyed about the threat the former president represents to our democracy and how the former president constantly works to undermine basic American values and rule of law Sake says Trump motivated the mob to go to the capital In San Francisco I met Baxter This is Bloomberg Brian All right Ed thanks very much 38 minutes past the hour Let's get to global sports Dan Schwartzman is looking at Chelsea pulling off a big win Yeah Chelsea does win big at the carabao cup semifinal first like batch over Tottenham two nil at Stanford bridge Kai Harvick scoring in the 5th minute Ben Davies putting in an own goal in the 34th minute second leg is gonna be held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium January 12th Meanwhile Thursday's first leg between Liverpool and arsenal has been postponed as a red deal with the COVID outbreak The first leg of Anfield has now been moved to January 13th with the return leg at Emirates scheduled for the 20th As at Baxter just said what a story it is coming out of Australia the top seed Number one overall Novak Djokovic he has been denied entry into Australia after waiting for close to 12 hours at the airport.

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