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The release of a report critical of how james comey and the fbi handle the investigation of hillary clinton's private e mail server kcbs political reporter duck sovereign says bay area democrats hope the report will persuade republicans to back off robert muller and let him conclude his investigation without further interference republicans are howling over the political bias of fbi agents revealed in the inspector general's report and argue that cast doubt over muller's russia probe to white house press secretary sarah sanders reaffirmed their president suspicions about comey's conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the fbi but house minority leader nancy pelosi of san francisco says the inspector general made clear politics was kept out of the fbi's decision this provides no basis for the gop to challenge the legitimacy of the mother investigation and senator dianne feinstein says the lesson the gop should learn his stop forcing muller to tell you what is investigation of president trump's rushing connection is turning up if it was wrong for komeito release information related to the clinton investigation it would be wrong for the fbi and justice department to release information about the muller investigation doug sovereign kcbs police in san francisco have arrested a man they say kicked a small dog to death the suspect was caught on video two weeks ago kicking puppet small dog against a wall in the city south of market neighborhood while puppet's owner looked on helplessly puppet suffered a fractured skull and died the next day someone who saw the video recognized the suspect and called police nncholas cornelius is facing felony animal cruelty charges adrienne mitchell joins us now from the kcbs super micro intel money desk adrian rebecca were on our losses at the day that wall street is still worried about trade tension between the us and china the dow down one hundred four points nasdaq down eleven and the sp down four after china's said tariffs on about thirty four billion dollars worth of us goods will go into effect on july six the first of fifty billion dollars in duties after president trump announced a list of tariffs on fifty billion in chinese goods u s exports of agricultural products seafood and cars are included in this first round hbo is getting more cash the incoming head of at and t entertainment division says he expects to boost hbo's original programming budget now that at and t taking over time warner phone company veteran john stanky will head hbo warner brothers.

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