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News radio seven hundred WLW are currently showing a clear sky in our temperature is thirty eight degrees originally set for Memorial Day weekend a major event in Cincinnati is being pushed back again to the code nineteen we can't do it they will Laurie's house Rouleau with taste of Cincinnati says they are hopeful they'll be able to hold the culinary festival at some point this year but it won't be the weekend of July the fourth organizer's today postponing the taste for a second time they aren't sure when it will happen or even if it will happen we want to make sure that what we are putting out there and inviting people to come to an end date and possible the weather that you're dedicated and patient map whatever that looks like that's where we're going through right now to figure out how we can do that there's a different thing all of that based on restrictions that are that are put forth by in a city and state government Rick you genome news radio seven hundred WLW city of Cincinnati has put together a plan to help restaurants expand their outdoor seating come may fifteenth restaurants mistaken Sir about your customers in Cincinnati mayor John Cranley outlined a plan to help make that possible we're going to do is close a number of streets and lanes near restaurants so that they can expand their seating capacity either on the sidewalk or in the street as appropriate three CDC has partnered with the city to help close those streets full street closures will include fifteenth between fine a Republic Republican race race and pleasant fourteenth street between vine Republic Republican race thirteenth street between vine Republic freedom way between vine and Joe Nuxhall fine and race streets Joe Nuxhall between second freedom way and Campbell alley between family and west elder indoor city will be permitted to resume twenty first across the state and like outdoor seating proper social distancing must be practiced which your customers and workers are safe during the ongoing cover nineteen pandemic.

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