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He magical misfits. It's cayden ivy. And welcome. Back to atonement for me with cynthia loo- i who is now a permanent fixture my coat. I live here now. I dog dogs like a pet luanne. Invaders pay yeah. Yeah why not hierarchy. Thanks for having me back. Thanks for being in my little bubble Yeah because you know. We can't socialize too much. We're like breaking covert rules right now. That's what we do we break. Rules don't necessarily know we're not over. Fifty people are we. Are we breaking rules. I don't know keep changing. I don't think so. This one's got enough personality for fifty. We're breaking rules sir. Yeah brought you back to talk about something that we kind of touched on in past couple episodes in something that we kind of bonded over i guess through our time at sephora and that's pretty much how everything just has not like a layer of like eurocentrist city over it commonly known as whitewashing. Yes yet to be blunt to who who she who she. I know her very well. Best his best team. I love good blunt right after this.

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