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Sons peting tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s to read a Kessler and the WTO traffic center. Well, the combination of the wind in the falling temperatures has trees going down all kinds of places, trees hitting power lines, so wires are going down as well. So that's just beginning to pile up right now. If you're in Maryland, in mount area, is 27 or ridge road after route 80, callers had it south of the nursery or under police direction for what is being reported as wires down in the roadway, not sure if a tree down is there as well. It may be taking out both directions of 27 at this point. 97 near Jennings chapel road in Howard county, the road is closed in both directions due to a tree and wires down in the roadway. They are turning traffic around at the scene. Now sound bound to 70 the delay is starting to break up approaching and passing route 80. That crash may be gone. After one 21, it looks like the tree may be gone as well. That delay is starting to ease. Southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway after one 98, the broken down vehicle was along the left side before powder mill road, and westbound 50 after the southern river bridge, tree came down there the two right lanes are blocked once you get past everything looks a lot better. Now on the inner loop of the beltway, the delay is from two O two had it passed two 14 central avenue, the debris, and the cleanup from the earlier pressure remaining along the right side. Westbound 66 before nutley street keep an eye out for a wreck. You're seeing delays along 95 both north and southbound with nothing reported. Southbound near 6 ten garrisonville road there may be a crash, but other than that, most of the delays are just that volume delays. Southbound 29 in Gainesville after Virginia oaks drive the crash a bit on both sides of the roadway and the 14th street bridge the right side of the roadways was still blocked due to road damage from an earlier crash. Looking for a safe used car if it's Gerald automata's hundreds of good cars trucks and SUVs. Next to a new car if it's way used car is best visit fit small dot com today. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. Bundle up if you're heading out and don't even think about going to Florida. It's chilly there too. Storm team four is my ex Jennifer is joining us live, Mike. What's the latest? Well, we've got some really high winds across the

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