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Thirty four degrees we have mostly cloudy skies it is twelve thirty on this Thursday afternoon in this half hour of news is brought to you by Toyota Toyotas official website for deals buy a Toyota dot com thanks for joining us time Jim McKay here's what's happening on the gloves are off last night on the debate stage in Las Vegas from start to finish it was two hours of democratic candidates running for president holding quite a lively debates and they were holding back it was a debate like no other in this cycle it was fiery and personal as it Democrats ripped into one another especially in the Michael Bloomberg he explained himself as an executive and he went after Sanders economic plans war in offering her take in the NBC news debate Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one Erica billionaire for another many of the arguments boil down to experience and wealth Sanders reiterating that nobody should be allowed to be a billionaire well Bloomberg stood on stage next to him telling him he had every right to be one Alex stone ABC news Las Vegas at twelve thirty one no longer arrested in Cambridge if you're caught driving without a license the city council now devising police to issue a summons instead the city council passed a law to protect immigrants who are here illegally overstaying ones visa is a civil infraction which is roughly equivalent to a parking ticket city councilor Clinton's under van is himself an immigrant we want to make sure that everybody understands that the police are not deputized ice agents and that they can be trusted to help keep our community safe everyone I spoke to in Cambridge supports the law including Connie I totally agree with the law and I'm glad it's on the books and I'm terrified about what's going to happen with a slight Sandra van says he's got a lot of calls from people who don't support it I have received personal calls and some of them have been quite races and nasty in Cambridge Suzanne Saltville WBZ Boston's news radio at twelve thirty two federal immigration and customs enforcement saying they have captured two suspected illegal immigrants who had been arrested on local charges and then released heads in Martin's of Cape Verde and Hector Garcia re hosts of Columbia both overstay their visas Martin's had been arrested on assault to know you why charges and had been released despite having an ice detainer request Garcia Rios had been arrested on assault with intent to rape charges and was also released despite having an ice detainer it's twelve thirty two what we go now to Methuen where their police chief Joseph Solomon is now welcoming a proposed audit of their police department the audit would study weaknesses in the apartment and offer solutions to many problems that come across the city has been wracked with controversy since a contract approved by mayor Stevens any showed some superior officers were making more than four hundred thousand dollars a year and the north shore community the issue is now being looked at by an arbitrator in Boston with a hearing set for next month it's twelve thirty three and off to those roads we go with traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three three star general ticket downtown here looking pretty good for the most part lower deck second bridge nice ride into and through the o'neill tunnel lever connectors looking pretty good in both directions airport titles in the Tobin bridge are trouble free right now we got some slowdowns here on soldiers field road eastbound approaching those right lane cruise before the be you bridge just the left lane is getting by there on the mass pike you got a nice ride from Boston out through one twenty eight and four ninety five four ninety five okay to and from the pike south of town expressway north bound still some brake lights coming up by Columbia road and then again approaching the o'neill total from an earlier crash we had just inside south bound to nice ride down the Braintree split route three south bound some residual delays easing out quickly though for Duxbury between exits eleven and ten from our earlier road work twenty four north bound looking at about a mile back appear approaching pothole cruise after one thirty nine in Stoughton this report sponsored by window nation right now would window nation by one window get one free plus.

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