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Slouch in bay citizen interest means i sometimes okay real ira to look at it every week some women would die for one woman in particular at good okay so what see who i love from that show that higgins he was on cleveland yup them decant your friends with that cupcake guy only guy live here all the time you slip here he's he does teeth here's young him yeah he was on the season got a problem with him like sean jones nice enough guy it's killings fiat that you'd like these guys that's why i always say you on the season hey neck was on guys from caitlyn seasons definitely came off less two she yes so here's the thing i think what happened was instagram wasn't a thing really adam gathered the tinged all and so what's happened is that all these guys from my season they just take the do she is pictures ever and i just can all right it's like they're just trying to get their followers i get i totally get it and like i i i don't even judge them for it because of i with allows yes because you can't get the instagram calab this doesn't mean light nutty things about this i just don't have the added or a say that he could save did have the apps and you had like say say had chases body yeah okay with your face a we are honoured by my you imagine gene i'm going to photoshop house later thought us i tell us i don't think i would do that yes you would i don't you don't think i'd be like all worked so hard on this with my protein shave okay so here's the thing pushups oh look map wait the best thing ever was decker this group tax edited of you responded to it.

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